5 Free WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Whether you are looking for cheap flights deals or just a place to build or read a pre made travel blog we have you covered. The following is a list of five of the very best cheap and free wordpress themes made specifically for travel and travel related blogs.


Demo – Download

Traveltastic has a classic, elegant theme that is built for the blog user or owner that wants to convey a certain classiness and style along with their travel related information. Traveltastic has a light gold colour scheme and has a background that is comprised of different photographs as well as buttons that jump out at you. This is simply put the perfect, simple, quintessential wordpress theme.

Another great travel blog wordpress template is Discovery. Like Traveltastic, Discovery has a classic, elegant almost regal style and is a mahogany/dark brown/black color scheme along with various travel planning instruments like globes and sextants. The buttons jump out at you in a pleasing manner and the theme fits travel instruction or information very well.

Travel Operator

Travel Operator is another great wordpress template. This template is set up like a travel agents website, so those of you familiar with sites like Kayak and Orbitz should be able to recognize the theme. I think this theme is fantastic because it expands on a familiar idea and simplifies and stylizes it to the point where it is less commercial and more art.

Exotic Travel

Exotic Travel is a great blog for individuals who have a tropical or beach like theme or concept for their blog. With a tropical colour scheme with lots of blues and greens this template really jumps out at you and makes you want to go to the tropics immediately. I would recommend this for any level of exotic travel blogging, including destinations, guides, whatever you need, as long as it is related to exotic locales.

The Travel Theme by Quickbeds

This is a simple yet incredibly elegant wordpress theme. With effervescent whites along with gorgeously inlaid buttons, this theme is among the best of the free travel wordpress themes. The design is simple, like Google, yet stands out like a tropical drink in an Irish bar. I would strongly recommend this theme for blogs that are catering to high end travel clientele.

Green Breathe

This theme is designed for outdoor backpackers and travellers who are keeping a blog of their outdoor, or green related travels. The theme is- you guessed it- really green, with bright yellows and blues that remind you of a warm summer day. This theme is an awesome choice for the outdoor backpacker or outdoor blogger.

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