5 Great jQuery Plugins for Image Cropping

jQuery is in fact, a free and open source software which can be used to script your HTML contents and it is the most popular, authentic and reliable JavaScript Library in the world. With its use, you will be capable of accomplishing different tasks related to the web development. With the help of this Library, you can easily perform animating, event management, document navigating, Ajax interfacing and selection of the DOM elements. Nowadays the web developers are also finding its use in creating the much needed abstractions for advanced effects, low-level animation, and interaction and theme widgets. People are now using the top plugins of jQuery that can simply improve the efficiency of the web developer and saves a lot of time.

Popular Plug-ins of jQuery

This popular JavaScript Library has offered a number of plugins that are very simple to use and more effective than the other applications. At the same time, you will also find a number of plugins from the same library which will help you to crop your image in different ways. It does not matter whether you are interested in zooming, editing or adding a tag to your favorite photos, these plugins will serve your intended purposes. Some of the commonly used jQuery plug-ins is detailed below –


With this, you can make your task much simple because it offers you the facility to add any picture for cropping. It makes use of the powerful and efficient DHTML engine which allows getting the image cropping function to your webpage. Its main features are CSS styling support, aspect ratio locking, free attachment to any image type and excellent API features.


This plug-in permit the web developer to select a rectangular portion of any image and prepares the image for cropping. It works well on nearly all the major web interfaces like Flicker. The features include scaled image handling, callback functions support, CCS styling, easy configured, support of keyboard for image resizing and lightweight.


This is a very important plug-in from jQuery which allows the user to crop any sort of image as per the instructions of the web developer. In simple words, you can put your dimensions in the plug-in and it will track the same portion of the image to be cropped.

Photoshoot Image Crop

If you have got an image which is pretty from all the visible angles then you will definitely like this plug-in from jQuery. Yes, the Photoshoot Image Crop enables you to crop the favorite image in the photo shoot style. In this way, you can create a separate photo out of the original one by cropping different portions.

Crop Zoom

After you have cropped the images with different other plugins of jQuery, it will help you in further cropping. In nutshell, the Crop Zoom plug-in will permit the web developer to zoom out and zoom in for the already cropped images. In this way, you can use different plugins from this popular library as a web developer and all of them mentioned above are best in the niche.

Summary: – A brilliant JavaScript Library, jQuery allows the web developers to crop images in all the modes. Zooming, editing and adding some texts to your photo will be a fun with numerous plugins available in the market.

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