5 Inspirational Workplace Interiors

Going to work for the vast majority of us is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. If truth be told, we would probably prefer spending our time exploring our own leisure pursuits as opposed to enduring the daily commute to a stuffy old office. The reality though is that unless you happen to have a few million at your disposal, then going to work is a necessity.

The misery is often compounded by the fact that most office interiors are not the most appealing of places, in fact ‘depressing’ is the commonly used term to describe your average workplace. Considering we spend a third of our lives confined inside these corporate walls, shouldn’t they be a little bit more cheerful? After all, a more pleasant environment might motivate the employees to be more efficient. With this in mind, legalweekjobs takes a look at five of the most inspirational office interiors.

CheBanca (Milan)

Chebanca offices

Crea International

The name translates into English as ‘What A Bank’ which is quite appropriate when you consider how impressive this place is. Banks are not renowned for their warmth and design attributes but this one in Milan brings style to finance. As an employee you will be surrounded by a colourful and elegant ambience which is bound to keep workers smiling. No withdrawal symptoms here!


Ogilvy and Mather (Carnival of Ideas) China

Ogilvy and Mather

Farm Yue Chung

Ogilvy and Mather’s office in Guangzhou, China is probably one of the most inspirational work environments one could find themselves in. It was intended to inspire creativity and ideas, hence the name. Having received China’s 2008 ‘Most Successful Design Award’, the office is ranked highly amongst industry outsiders as well as employees. In fact it seems to be modelled somewhat on a theme park environment with high ceilings and free flowing spaces.


Mindlab (Copenhagen)


User Studio

Working in any government capacity must surely be as boring as any job can be. Denmark’s Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs seems to have addressed this issue well in terms of their workspace environment. The concept is one which provides a meeting place for all employees. Facilities include an egg shaped room with white boards on every wall.


Selgus Cano Architecture (Madrid)

Selgus Cano offices



Somewhere in the woods you’ll find something you wouldn’t expect. No, not bears but rather the innovative offices of Selgus Architecture. The glass walled units provide some of the most peaceful views imaginable as employees are hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city in this picturesque forest – truly an inspirational setting for the environmentally conscious company.


Pixar (California)

Pixar Offices

Fill circle line

What could be better than to have a workplace which reflects the products produced? This is exactly the case at the ‘Pixar’ offices in California. Colourful and quirky spaces are the norm as writers and animators thrive on the ambience for their inspiration. It’s easy to see how employees will be motivated with a building which is based on fun in the workplace. In fact it would be hard to find a Pixar employee who doesn’t highly rate the office.


The importance of the workplace is often low-priority for many employers, yet it is one of the main factors contributing to employee happiness and company culture. What are your favourite small business’ workspaces?

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