5 Must-have Android and iOS apps in a Photographer’s Smartphone

Smartphones have triggered an outbreak in photography where you point, shoot and share! As per Mary Meeker, a tech analyst’s annual internet trends, it was seen that more than 500 million photos were uploaded and shared every day in 2014. That’s shocking enough but a year later; Meeker again claimed that the total number had risen to 1.8 billion. Though she didn’t update the figure in her 2016 report but it is reasonable enough to predict yet another sharp rise in the number of photos, given the burgeoning growth in both smartphone handsets and popularity of photo-sharing apps.

There are some big apps for mobile photography like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and Yahoo’s Flickr got yet another mobile relaunch in the latter half of 2012 in an attempt to compete with the upstarts. Meanwhile the default camera apps for Apple, Android and Microsoft keep improving with every software update. All these apps are integrated with a swell of apps for shooting photos, editing them and sharing. Check out some below.


  1. Facetune

It would be indeed unfair to categorize Facetune as a mere app for clicking selfies and posting them. Recent Android news has it that this app is also a wonderful editing tool for any shots you take of other people. It can edit and retouch the eyes, noses, skin and even smiles of people. However you shouldn’t use this app in a tone-deaf way as there’s a lot you can experiment with it. This app is built for both Android and iOS.

  1. The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)

This app is available both on iOS and Android and it is a web-based application essential for natural light and landscape photographers. By utilizing your present location or looking for a prospective spot, you can easily view the heading of the compass and the angle of sun and moon during all times of the day. Visual search will become your favorite feature here and once you start using this, you will know that this is every landscape photographer’s dream.


Whenever you start a conversation with people who are serious about mobile photography, VSCO Cam is a name that will definitely arise early in your exchange of words. It has got filters like majority of the other social photo apps but the editing tools that are packed in VSCO Cam are more powerful than what you’ve ever seen. This app has its personal community of photographers to share photos with people and take inspiration from other better photographers.  Both Android and iOS have hosted this app.

  1. EyeEm

At the basic level, EyeEm is just like any other photo-editing app with various tools to spruce up your photographic shots and filters. However, the most important feature is its ‘market’ which is a place to upload your best photos and make some dollars if the photos are bought by various media publishers or brands. Just as the previous option, the community of photographers also offer lot of inspiration for the app users. This too is available on Android and iOS.

  1. Pixelmator

There are Photoshop-branded apps which are available for smartphones and tablets but a large number of iOS users swear the fact that Pixelmator can definitely be a worthy alternative. This app is available for Mac computers as well but still it is the iOS version which outperforms with its perfect blend of intuitive interface and powerful features. Irrespective of whether you’re editing such photos professionally or you’re just sharing them with friends, this is a surefire success.

Apart from the names of the above mentioned apps for photographers, you may also learn more about must-have smartphone apps from technology sites as they have a host of useful articles on the recent tech industry.



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