5 New Features from Wix to help Improve Your Business’ Website

There is a huge debate between web developers and business owners on what is the best way to develop and come up with a brilliant and promising website that has user engaging features. So, the question becomes whether it is worthwhile to invest in a custom-made website, or whether it is sufficient to use a website builder. This discussion will never stop, because it will depend on the perspective of both parties. But ultimately, business owners will likely choose to build a website with lower costs, and then add more features on in the future if necessary.

Nowadays, a lot of small scale business have difficulty on deciding as to how are they going to have their websites, since the high costs of running a site might make them think twice about starting a website. Probably, they will opt not to have one at all and just market their business in another social media platform. However, this option will not position their business in a good way, since they have to make sure that a lot of people will interact with their social media, as well as, they will need to answer all of the queries from their social media – which means spending a lot of time.

This is where Wix will come to the spotlight. Wix is a leading cloud-based development platform with millions of users worldwide. They make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence. This website builder is the most user-friendly among others. When you open their site, the button explore will immediately give you some insights on how you may showcase your own business website.

You can use the platform to showcase art, set up an online shop, or start your own blog, and these are just some of the things that are possible do. One of the essential features of Wix is their easy drag and drop so you may create the design exactly the way you want. It is also mobile friendly so this will suit the market as most of your viewers or customers will use their mobile devices in checking out your products. It has a custom domain name which will create a great impression on your viewers and free reliable hosting to keep your future website safe and secure. And not only that as it has powerful web apps and services together with a simple and beautiful one-page template.

The Wix website builder has everything you need to create a fully personalized, high-quality free website.  Each business target groups vary from one to the other that’s why, Wix made use that you will have over 500 designer-made templates and millions of professional with high-resolution photos to choose from. You may also use the image editor to enhance your own sets of images for incredible results.

You may opt to insert a video background on your homepage including audio playlists or add a 3D parallax effect to impress your customers even more. It has other buttons for your customers to follow your social media accounts including other business tools and online store too. Should you want to clarify something they have a 24/7 helpline ready to serve you.

Those are just some of the basic features of this website builder. Recently they launched these five newest features of Wix, entrepreneurs will not regret that they opted to use this easy tool to build a website.  Here are some of the new features…

  1. Wix VideoYouTube Feed: Sync your YouTube channel and playlists with the Wix Video widget. Your YouTube feed will automatically display every new video added on your website.

    Sign-up to Watch: Collect viewers’ email addresses before they watch your videos and quickly grow your community.
  2. Wix Bookings WidgetPromote private or group services anywhere on your website without having to add a separate page using the new widget.
  3. Wix ShoutOutShoutOut Templates: Save time on email marketing campaigns with customizable templates that automatically pull relevant content from your online store into emails.
    Get Subscribers App: Now, you can choose the email address you want subscriber notifications sent to.
  4. Wix Mobile AppStunning Social Posts: Boost social engagement and build customer relationships using animated posts on your social channels.
    Text Color: Change your text color in mobile and avoid situations where colors look different on different devices.
  5. 301 Redirect
    Now, users can manually type and add their Wix URLs to easily move their previous store or blog sites to Wix.

So now, if you have already some idea on what your future business website will look like but you can’t afford to hire a web developer to accomplish the task for you worry no more! You won’t need to contact any web development agencies or freelancers just to do the job for you. You will not spend too much just to have the website for your business in few days’ time. Hop on and do your own website by utilizing Wix features as it is ready to serve you.


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