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Photos and images are in the crazes of many! You know where my digicam stays? Well on my handbag, so that wherever I go, I can snap a pic. Almost every one of us are damn passionate about either of the two things: taking snaps or at least posing for them (or even the both). An active man in his daily life is seeing an average of thirty to fifty images. The rising photo impact has never left the internet too. Photos and images are something that’s almost running the web. Every website comes with at least more than one image, without which no one is going to get to the site, irrespective of how beautiful the content is. And, I can see that most of you are reading this post just because the image here has grabbed you off!

WordPress sites are rising all over the web and photo maniacs are getting geared up with the various photo gallery plugins that come up for WordPress. Any WordPress site or blog can be absolutely decorated with photos and images, just with a photo gallery plugin. Though a plethora of WordPress photo gallery plugins come along, only a few helps you come up with a blog that exactly resembles Picasa. Picasa has been widely acknowledged as one of the best photo sharing site that comes with amazing features. For those who are looking to have a photo gallery WordPress site that is Picasa but not Picasa, here are few plugins to get along with.


If it’s all you need a clone like thing for Picasa,  this plugin would help out. Apptha’s PICA photo gallery lets you create photos in a large collection and get them displayed in multiple albums.  It has options for Facebook and twitter share. Navigating from one photo to another is extremely simple with PICA.




Picasna is a free plugin that allows you to display photos is a voguish way. The plugin is easy to browse with and happens to be a perfect tool for editing and managing your photos. As the name says, the extension derives the very things of Picasa, but with minimal features. You can also upload photos directly to (and from) your Picasa Web albums.




This plugin is used for creating albums and galleries that can be directly uploaded from Picasa web album, Flickr and SmugMug. PhotoXhibit comes with a look resembling Picasa in some way.




The Lightbox Gallery plugin displays galleries in a light box display. It enables you to divide gallery into several pages. Additional settings are set in the option page and it comes with a tooltip view of caption of images.




This plugin allows you to pick photos from Picasa album and display them randomly on your blogs. For this you just got to install the picasa photos plugin on your wordpress blog. This can be the perfect plugin for those who are looking to have a low maintenance photo integration.


Well, to conclude with images are those which give life to any site or content. With an appropriate photo gallery plugin, get your WordPress sites absolutely amazing.

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