5 Social Networks For Graphic Designers

If you want to be a successful graphic designer, simply being talented and well-trained isn’t enough. You might have a natural knack for color, be a mastery of typography, and be a ninja with Photoshop and Illustrator, but if you aren’t connecting with other graphic designers and clients, you won’t take your talent or your career to the heights you dream about.

Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to communicate with other graphic designers all over the world and get your work out there. If you want to leverage the power of social media and further your graphic design career, sign up with these five social networks.

1) Myspace

Forget what you think you know about Myspace. The once-dominant social network has poured a lot of money into a fresh design that makes it friendlier to musicians, artists, and other creative people. Currently, you’ll find that a lot of graphic design agencies like Mojo Graphics and large Internet companies like Instant Checkmate are on the social network.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked “What are you all about?” Be sure to check “Designer,” “Artist,” and any other labels that you believe apply. That will give you access to the features that allow you to share your work and connect with other Myspace users who work in your field.

2) Pinterest


Pinterest is all about interesting pictures, and the people who use it will repin anything that is graphically appealing. That makes it a perfect place for budding graphic designers to share their work and see what other people are working on. In fact, Mike Dew, the most followed man on Pinterest, is a professional graphic designer who uses the social network to bolster his online presence.

3) design:related

According to design:related’s tagline, this site offers “Portfolios, Inspiration, Jobs and Networking for Creative Professionals.” The site give you an easy way to build your own portfolio and chat with other people who are interested in graphic design. If people like your work, they’ll cite you an “influence,” which will increase your clout in the community.

Note: The site is in beta, so you’ll need to request an invitation in order to make an account.

4) Design Float

Are you focusing on web design? Then Design Float should be a regular stop for you. Other design minded people submit content, and then other people vote it up or down, depending upon how much they like the links. You’ll regularly see content about UX, coding and web design principles. Think of it as reddit, but with design-focused content (and a lot less cat pictures.)

5) Creattica


Creattica is a lot like Pinterest, except the entire social network is geared towards graphic designers who want inspiration. When you sign up you share your own work, or even just work that you admire. You see what other graphic designers are raving about and offer your own comments on current projects.

Brian Winifred is a blogger from San Marcos, California.  He writes about graphic design, web design, and social media.

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