5 Unique Ideas for Business Cards

Business cards can take on many different sizes and shapes in an attempt to create an image and grab the receiver’s attention. Color, design, copy and texture are combined to create a company’s most basic marketing statement in the form of a business card. Like every form of advertising, a business card definitely says something important about a company. The originality, design and expense are judged by prospective clients. Here are five unique ideas for business cards certain to make make a great impression.

1. Multi-functional Business Cards
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Designing a business card that can also be used as a ruler or practical tool is one proven way to be sure a card is saved. While there is something to be said for a thin, cardboard card that fits neatly into a person’s wallet, the typical business card gets very little attention. For this reason, getting a bit creative by making a card that does something useful is likely to keep a card around that might otherwise be set aside and forgotten. Sugar packets, candy wrappers and teabags are three examples of unique, multi-functional cards that have been used as a creative alternative to the rectangular paper card most people hand out.

2. Three Dimensional Cards

Similar to pup-up books for kids, there are some business cards that are three-dimensional. These creations look more like pop-up art than a business card. They are very interesting and certain to be memorable. While these cards cost a bit more to print, they are worth the extra attention they get and the message they send to business professionals.

3. Edible Cards

The good news and the bad news about edible cards is that they are edible, or disposable. A delicious bakery business card cookie with a visible logo or name is a great way to impress prospective customers. While handing out this type of calling card takes some planning and considerable investment, it is certain to be a card that is hard to forget, particularly for a baking company.

4. Clever Customized Cards

Any business card that relates directly to a business in design or message is always a big hit. A perfect example of this type of card includes a fold over card that looks identical to a laptop. This works well for any computer-related business. Another good idea is to use business cards that resemble dog tags to sell identification tags for dogs. Yet another interesting use of this type of card is to design a card shaped like a comb for a hair salon. Being creative and using shapes and forms rather than words is the the key to deciding on a clever customized card like these.

5. Three-dimensional Photo Cards

Using a photo on a business card is nothing new. When you add a full-figured component to this card with a photo that stands up like a person on a prospect’s desk, then you have something fairly rare and original. This card is a big winner in the originality department.

Tony is a Graphic Designer from Sydney, Australia, who specializes in bespoke business card design. He works closely with a company that provides the highest quality business card printing Sydney has to offer, to create unique business cards for his clients.


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