5 Ways to Get Inspired with Flickr

The Mechanics of Flickr

Flickr does four basic things:

  • Upload and Organize photos;
  • Crop and Fix photos;
  • Share photos;
  • Exploration.

Then beyond the basics, the user can create amazing designs with the capabilities of Flickr. Let’s look at some designs that can inspire you and intrigue your friends in the deeper realms of Flickr



1. Join A Group

The Flickr Portrait Gallery Hall of Excellence 2008 (I)

After you have become a member of Flickr, there are any number of groups to join. The reason to join a group is to increase your base of viewers and to also give you more photos from that group which you can utilize at a price if they are copyrighted. You can also tap into their creativity.

2. Flickr and Your Cell Phone

Cell Phone

The mobile site at m.flickr.com is optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The account settings on m.flickr.com are controlled by what the user sets on your main flickr.com account. Settings can be changed when logging into the main site and those changes are reflected on the m.flickr.com.

m.flickr.com works on devices with a web browser and an internet connection such as the latest Palm devices with WebOS, the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, phones with the Android operating system, or a device using WebKit browsers.

3. Flickr and Typography

Autumn Flavor_Typography

To create a typography design which is totally your creation lifts the concept of design to a new level. A design can be made from a collection of seeds pasted on a card stock in the shape of a flower, a plant or the world using different seeds for each continent or body of water. Upload the photo and print the photo on “iron-on” paper and transfer it to a T-shirt. Another typography is to make letters from your photo to create a new look on your web page or your blog.

Letters are versatile particularly in Flickr where you can work magic manipulating letters in your photo, around your photo or a 3d effect on top of the photo.

4. Geo-tagging

₪ Cobija: Corporativa al atardecer - Flickr Meeting at Tusk ₪

Geo-tagging is a special method of tagging photos with a specific location. Google Earth is the best source of geographic information to add geographic information or “geotags” to Flickr photos. Geotags gives various applications and web scripts which have been designed exclusively by the Flickr community.

When you click, “Place this photo on a map”, a new interface with a map will appear. You can type in the location in the search box in the upper right-hand corner. After locating the exact spot, you can drag the photo from the bottom of the screen to the map pointer.

5. Tripper Mapping


Once you’ve geotagged your Flickr photos Tripper-map enables you to display photos on your own website or blog in order to exhibit world travels. Of course before you can utilize this neat tool, you need to install the Tripper-map Geotagger by:

  • Right clicking on Tripper-map Geo-tagger;
  • Choosing “Save to my places”;
  • Moving the location to the center;
  • Clicking the location mark with “X”.

If Flickr had a subtitle of “boring”, now it all changed because there are some many inspirations which you can enjoy from this versatile design tool.

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