5 Ways to Share Your Wix on Facebook

Getting Google to crawl your site faster is a topic that many posts here at SEOMyWix address. Last week we discussed ways to make your website dynamic, by adding new content that will get picked up by search engine crawlers. Gaining back-links from other sites is one of the best ways to quickly gain attention from search engines. By linking your Wix website to your Facebook account, you’re giving your site a free backlink to one of the most dynamic networks on the web. This means faster crawl rates.

1. Share a Link on Your Wall
Type your website’s URL in the “What’s on your mind?” box on the homepage News Feed. You can also access this window on your profile page. Click “Share”. You’ll see a thumbnail image of your website with text.




2. Add Website to Contact Info

Click the “Edit My Profile” link from either the homepage or your profile page. Under “Contact Information”, scroll down to the Website box. Enter your URL and click Save Changes.

3. Add Link to Info Box on Profile Page
This is a convenient way to direct visitors to your website, as soon as they land on your page.
1.    Click the small info box under your profile picture
2.    Add the URL of your Wix site, starting with http://
3.    Facebook will automatically create a clickable link to your Wix

4. Embed Your Site on Facebook
Have a fully interactive version of your website appear on an inner page of your Facebook profile. Widgets, links, slideshows, players, etc. will all work.
1.    Click here to add the My Stuff application to  your Facebook profile
2.    In another window, go to your Wix website
3.    Inside the editor, click Publish > Embed >      Facebook
4.    Copy the Embed Code of your Wix site
5.    In your Facebook profile, click on your My Stuff page, and click the Add link
6.    Paste your Embed Code
5.   Post an Update
When updating your Wix website, have a post   come up on your News Feed wall with some text and a link to your updated site.
1.    Make an update to your website and click Save
2.    Click the Publish button > Next > Next >       Publish
3.    Click “Post to Facebook”
For more on Facebook marketing to promote your website, check out this SEOmoz post.
Spread the Word
You can’t force Google to visit your website. But you can invite it to come and make it easy to locate your site. Getting a backlink from Facebook – one of the most active networks on the internet – is a highly effective way to point Google toward your site, to get it to index you more often, and update its stored memory of your website.

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