7 Tips for Creating an Amazing Webcast

In today’s busy Internet world, many visitors would rather watch a webcast than read through thousands of words. Since a webcast is a great way to complete a sales and marketing plan, here are some tips you may want to consider when creating the greatest webcast online.

#1 Be Attention Grabbing

Most visitors won’t watch a webcast in its entirety. If you’re not able to grab their attention from the start, then there’s a good chance they are going to shut it down. When beginning your webcast, be sure to show them exactly how they are going to benefit and what your teaching strategies are going to be.

#2 Sound

Webcast viewers often don’t want to watch a webcast that is hours long. Instead of using longer audio sequences, keep your points short with small sound bites. If you ramble too much, you may find them going elsewhere.


#3 Take Advantage of Lists

Before a visitor even clicks on your webcast, draw up an outline that they can follow. This is a great way for them to keep track of the presentation and even print it for their own records.

#4 Be Exciting

A boring, monotone speaker on the webcast is going to put most people to sleep. However, if you spice things up a bit, you’re going to keep people on the edge of their seat. Similar to an action movie or a vibrant speaker on stage, try to copy ideas from those who excite you in life.

#5 Wardrobe

If you’re going to show your face in the video, make sure that you look professional. Try to steer clear of the vibrant colors or patterned outfits. Instead, try to be yourself and wear something that is professional and reflects your personality. This Forbes.com article shows you how it can be done.

#6 Lean Forward

When speaking directly to your visitor, make sure that you’re leaning toward the camera, not slouched in your chair. By leaning, it will almost feel as if you’re engaging with your viewers as you talk to them.

#7 Smile

Lastly, be sure to smile. A smile is warm, welcoming and shows that you’re really interested in what you’re talking about. If you’re showing interest, then there’s a good chance your viewers will show it as well.

Aside from these tips, here are some other things you may want to keep in mind when working on your set:

Creating Your Set

When launching your webcast, make sure that you’re working in a well-lit room that has the windows covered. If the windows aren’t covered, it can often bring in sunlight that causes a glare or unnecessary shadows.

Also, try to keep things as simple as possible. While it’s tempting to cover your wall with the company logo, this can often cause a distraction while you’re speaking during the webcast. Try to stick to a simple background, and don’t forget to wear clothing that doesn’t blend into the color of your walls.

Watch Your Lighting

If all of your lighting is going to come from the ceiling, this can often cause a small shadow below the face, causing yet another distraction. If possible, try to avoid turning on your ceiling lights, and instead, consider investing in a set of inexpensive LED lights. These lights should be positioned about 45 degrees from your nose line, pointing slightly toward the ground. The goal in the end is to make sure your lighting doesn’t cause any sort of reflection while broadcasting.


Lastly, it’s always going to be better to use an external webcam and not an internal model. While some internal webcams work good, their lens and imaging chips are limited. Since an external webcam is more mobile and can offer more features, your audience will be able to appreciate the difference in quality.

To create the perfect webcast, these are tips you that you should highly consider utilizing. To make things easy, consider a webcasting service such as INXPO. These professional services can make creating a webcast a lot easier than doing it on your own.

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