7 Tips for Creating an Effective Jump Page

If you are involved in internet marketing, you are aware of the significance of a high converting ‘jump page’. Also called a landing page, squeeze page or promotional page, effective building of these pages is vital for success in online marketing. Depending on your promotional strategy, you could be using pay-per-click marketing to encourage inquiries, sales or sign ups. Regardless of the specific objective of your page, the fact remains that you want the web user to take some kind of action.

The following are tips that can help you create landing pages that will enhance conversion rates.

Big, bold and relevant headline

If you fail to grab the attention of the web user with a big, bold and relevant headline, then nothing else matters. Expert marketers test several jump pages at once to find out which page is most relevant to browsers.

Use visuals

If people cannot understand what you are selling from your headline and sub-headline, you will have a tough time convincing them to read any further. Visuals can come in handy at this point. Pictures can convey our message fast and with little effort. Ensure your landing page has more than plain text and incorporates visuals in form of pictures, colored fonts or video.

Testimonials sell

People are very likely to buy products or services based on recommendations. This is especially true of online purchases. Having services or products validated through other individuals breaks down skepticism and removes fear. Testimonials can be shared through various ways including photos and quotes, video or audio recording.

Give away something for free

Encourage action by giving away something for free in exchange for a name and email address.  If you are selling a product, consider offering bonuses for every purchase made. The more you offer, the more incentive you provide for potential customers.

Limited/Time Bound offers

Generate a sense of urgency with offers that are only valid for a limited time. You could make the offer available only to a limited number of registrants. Creating urgency encourages purchases. However, you will need to test your limited offers to establish what time frame works best with your potential customer base.

Offer several payment options

You should provide more than one way for potential customers to order their service or product. From conventional credit cards to PayPal, give users multiple options. Be sure to include a phone number for any questions your prospects may have.

Test, test, test

No matter how good you are, you can always improve. Test your control page and work at improving conversions at all times. This ensures the continual growth of your business. You will also better understand what works with your target audience, as well as seasonal trends.

Creating an effective landing page is vital for successful internet marketing. Begin with a simple page that follows the tips mentioned above. Test several pages and identify the one with the highest conversion rates. Continually tweak the jump page to improve results. This ensures that the page continues to be productive long into the future.

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