Consider These 8 Marketing Tips for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Office

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular these days, which is great news for your dental practice if you offer cosmetic options. The trick is to find ways to stand out from the crowd when so many other offices have also begun to provide such services. That’s where strategic marketing methods come into play. Read on to discover eight methods for marketing a cosmetic dentistry office. You’ll be surprised the effect implementing just a few of these ideas can have on the number of new patients you receive.


1. Develop or Revamp Your Brand

Your brand, or brand identity, is the image you portray to the public. Specifically, you want your branding efforts to appeal to your target demographic or the customers you wish to attract. Two important parts of branding are your logo and slogan. If you don’t have those components or they’re outdated, you’ll want to create or revamp them. Assemble your key stakeholders and sit down for a brain session to determine the kinds of words you want your patients to think of when your practice comes to mind. Decide on the most applicable. Enlist the help of a professional marketing firm to create your branding materials and strategy. Be sure to use these regularly in order for your slogan and logo to become memorable. Print them on all official correspondence, stationery, business cards and invoices. Use them in advertising, both in print and in broadcast form.

2. Target Your Market

In order to reach your ideal clientele with your brand message, you’ll need to discover the types of media they consume. Cosmetic dentistry patients are likely to be women with disposable income, as these procedures aren’t often covered by health insurance. Determine the kinds of publications these types of women may read, which social media platform they prefer and whether they listen to the radio. Purchasing a mailing list of upper middle class and affluent households in your city may also be a good idea.

3. Position Your Practice

Positioning your practice as an expert source for the specific types of cosmetic dentistry services you offer is an ideal way to attract patients. Book your dentists and oral surgeons on local media programming. Offer your expertise to newspaper outlets for articles. Even starting your blog or promoting scholarly journal pieces your staff have written are good strategies.

4. Make It Stick

People need to encounter a message multiple times in order to retain it. That means you’ll want to create multiple promotional opportunities in order to increase the chances of your ads being encountered. Vary your advertising to include local radio spots, television ads, billboards, publication layouts and team sponsorship. Don’t forget to create a Facebook page or profiles on local review sites like Yelp.

5. Brand Your Atmosphere

Not only do you need to brand your marketing materials, you also need to be aware of internal marketing or the way in which you present your practice to everyone who walks in the door. Your office should reflect the image you developed through your branding brainstorming sessions, whether that be a upscale spa-like feel, a state-of-the-art reconstructive facility or a trusted family practice. In addition, your staff should also portray that image through their customer service.

6. Do Good

As with any other type of business, doing good things for your community always achieves a high return on investment. People appreciate and connect on a personal level with business who give back. Add philanthropy to your marketing by having your staff work together on a community project that resonates with the group. Be sure to have matching t-shirts designed with your branding so folks will remember your team. Create in-office fundraising campaigns for worthwhile causes, and be sure to advertise your efforts to elicit more donors. Get creative, as there are endless opportunities to do good things that will benefit your practice’s image, as well as bring your staff closer together.

7. Update Your Web Presence

Having a quality website is a key marketing piece. If you have one and haven’t updated it in a few years, it’s likely your site is out of date. Hire a graphic designer and webmaster to help you create a fresh looking site that utilizes your branding most effectively and incorporates effective internet marketing strategies like search engine optimization. Also, be certain your website offers the newest technological conveniences for your patients like online appointment scheduling, contacting front desk staff and viewing personal records. You can ask marketing agencies specialized in dental marketing for help. Solution21, one such dental marketing company, is serving dentists nationwide and is a good option if you are looking into revamping your website or improving its foundation via search engine optimization.

8. Work Together

Finally, consider working with local businesses that have services that may complement your dentistry offerings. Establishments in the beauty industry, fitness sector or nutritional niche are good options. Trade business cards, collaborate on ad campaigns, offer combinations discounts or co-sponsor local teams in order to increase your reach.

You should now have lots of ideas running through your head of ways to market your cosmetic dentistry practice. Have fun with it, and watch your practice begin to thrive.


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