8 Tips for Making your Website’s Landing Pages Better

The point of sending people to a landing page is to entice them to do something. Some people need their traffic to sign up for a newsletter. Others may desire that they purchase a product. Maybe someone else would like them to download a free white paper. Internet marketers do not have a lot of time to convince their prospects that the action they want them to take is the right thing for them, so they have to optimize their landing pages that will lead traffic to point B (desired action) from point A (the landing page) as quickly as possible.

Tip #1: Keep the Landing Page Simple

The look of the website can make a landing page more efficient. If it is simple without a lot of distractions keeping people from the goal, the landing page has a chance to do its duty.

Tip #2: Add Graphics or Video to the Page

Pictures and videos can add value to a landing page, but caution must also be exercised. Placing too many graphics on a page can backfire by overwhelming the prospects with too many ideas. The point is not to have the potential customers watch a video; it is to lead them to the desired action as quickly as possible. To do this with video, for example, it needs to tell potential customers right away what the benefits are of signing up for the newsletter, and why the marketer is an authority in the subject area.

Tip #3: Strategically Place the Buy Button

The best tactic for encouraging people to purchase a product, sign up for a newsletter or download an item is to have a button that is prominently placed on the page. The best place for the button is near the call-to-action, while ordinary order links can be placed in other areas of the page.

Tip #4: Use a Large Font

To expedite the desired action, marketers must make it easy for their potential customers to read the landing page’s copy. The font cannot be so small that everyone will not be able to comfortably read it, because marketers do not want to frustrate their potential customers. This will not endear the prospects to the marketer, and they will not just leave the website, they will also refuse to ever return.

Tip #5: Keep Paragraphs Short

What also helps with reading the landing page is to keep the paragraphs short. Potential clients get the message quickly, and they will be led to order buttons in a timely fashion.

Tip #6: Place Text In Columns

Placing the text within columns shortens the lines people have to read, helping people to be more willing to read it. There is much less strain on the eyes this way.

Tip #7: Have Testimonials on the Page

Testimonials are wonderful to have on a landing page, but they need to be stated in specific terms. For example, if a marketer has a product that has helped customers to convert more prospects into sales, the testimonials need to state that the product increased their sales percentage by a stated amount. People are not as impressed with generalities.

Tip #8: Offer Patrons a Money-Back Guarantee

The landing page is the place to let people know they can purchase the product without any risk. A guarantee for at least three months sets people’s minds at ease, and because the guarantee lasts for so long, it has been found that they ordinarily do not ask for the refund.


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  1. Jason Aldein says:

    well thank you man.I am currently on a website designing project and this article will surely help me. Actually I dont like large font in homepage but I am completely agree with you in other points.

  2. Rodney Warner says:

    Your welcome Jason 🙂 I agree sometimes about the large font point. A lot of these tips are just things to take into consideration to give a landing page the best chances. Ultimately each job needs to be taken individually on whether or not to use all of them.

  3. seo company in chennai says:

    I agree your nice article . thanks again and again .keep it your post.

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