A Parent’s Best Friend; Norton 360 2013

Years ago, my youngest brother and my son both had mild cases of chicken pox. It was irritating and uncomfortable, but didn’t do any major damage, and went away pretty fast. My neighbor exposed her little girl to them, hoping it would be a protective measure, but it made her very sick, instead.


Computers and children tend not to fare well when exposed to things that aren’t good for them, whether we’re talking about malware, spyware, “adult” websites, axe murderers, or child molesters. Face it: they’re out there, and they’re busy as can be trying to get all the information they can possibly get to cause all the harm they can possibly cause.


It is bad enough when one of these people gets your credit card information, but that might be reparable. When it comes to your child, though, nothing less than total protection is good enough. How many cases of kidnapping and human trafficking have you heard about in the past year, and how many of those were initiated by seemingly innocuous internet contact?

Norton 2013

Law enforcement personnel and computer experts advocate using a high-quality internet security product to help protect children from predators. Norton 360 2013 offers some of the very best protection available, and is quite affordable. Parental controls help avoid accessing questionable viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and phishing.


Another benefit is that Norton 360 2013 protects up to three computers, which means your child is less likely to be at risk than if only one of your computers had protection.


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