A Preview of Microsoft So.cl

Just because Microsoft concentrates on releasing the new Windows 8 does not mean that the other projects of the company were neglected. Microsoft So.cl is an experimental platform that is just as important as the new Windows, as it is a completely new system designed to bring the social communication to a new level

1. An integrated social platform

  • Microsoft So.cl offers the users the possibility to search projects of Microsoft developed in the FUSE laboratories, and also the possibility to share and express ideas.

  • Microsoft So.cl is a system for anybody that has something to say in an elegant manner

  • Microsoft So.cl connects people having the same interests and passions, bringing the concept of social networking to a whole new level

2. Availability

As expected, Microsoft So.cl is free to join, free to use, and also free to post. So.cl is a successful story, and the developers are more than satisfied with their accomplishments. Whether you want to share images, movies and ideas, you can create visual and audio collages that will express a complete and unaltered idea.

3. How can you use Microsoft So.cl?

Bing is the search engine of Microsoft, which is not as successful as expected. Of course, Microsoft had to continue to invest in this system, even if the loses were immense, as it is a field where Microsoft can’t afford to lose. With Microsoft So.cl, Bing has a new function, and the search results are displayed in a completely different manner. So.cl is more like an experiment that proposes the users to unite all their social networks under a single platform that is user friendly and effective.

4. Bookmarklet

The Bookmarklet is another method to share content, especially videos and large files. With this system, people from all over the world can organize visual parties, and the connection will be perfect through web cameras and audio systems. With Bookmarklet, users will be able to share content in real time, and to feel close one to the other even if they are thousands of miles away.

The bookmark let is also useful to create lists of videos, allowing you to assemble a list in a matter of seconds, to share it and to talk about it with all the other interested persons.

5. Features and new ideas

Although some people contest the utility of Microsoft So.cl, saying that it is just another social network, the new features and facilities brought by this system can’t be contested. You can choose to post comments privately and public, and practically anything you share can only be seen by the people you want to see it.

It is also simple to add and delete content in Microsoft So.cl, and even to delete all the records and history. However, read the privacy policy to understand how this system works.

Overall, Microsoft So.cl represents a new concept that has the purpose of creating a new method for people to interact. Whether this concept will be successful or not, it remains to be seen.

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