How to add soft keys on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4

Since the day that the mobile phone invaded human race and finally came into me, I started to be a Nokia fan. With the creativity the lives in me, I was one of those individual who loves to tweak and add funky backlights and creative wallpaper and logo to those mobile phones way back then.

Smartphones came to the limelight and I have to pick from iOS or Android. I have been an iOS user since the iPhone 3GS was released, only few months back when I tried using Android device which is a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was in our drawer because it was replace by an iPhone 5S by my wife.

Android device on hand – checked, rooted device – check. Let’s get down to the tutorial.

I find it useful to add soft keys on a rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 so you can use the phone with a single hand and my main reason is – to preserve the home button.

Here are the steps on how to do it.

  1. First thing first, your android phone must be root and running a custom ROM, mine is running on CyanogenMod with Solo Launcher and themed with Neon Legends.s4-soft-keys01
  2. Open you File Manager and make sure it is granted with the proper permission, to do this, with the File Manager opened, go to General Settings->Advanced->Access Mode and Select Root Access Modes4-soft-keys03
  3. Close the General settings, scroll all the way down and look for the file build.prop
  4. Open using the default editors4-soft-keys06
  5. Add  this line to the bottom of the codes “qemu.hw.mainkeys=0” without the quoataion, safe the file and restart your phone.s4-soft-keys07
  6. Congratulations, you now have the soft keys enabled.


Mars Cureg

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  • Shawn Rubel

    Mars, thank you. I’m looking forward to content related to the new Samsung Galaxy S5. 🙂

    • We will try our best to come up with such content, but first I need to get that S5 🙂