Adding Value To Your Website Processes With A Call Center

Regardless of the size of your business, if you provide customer service or e-commerce on your website there will be chances for customers to fall through the cracks during the transaction process. By optimizing the workflow in each area with the help of a call center, you should be able to recover some of that lost revenue because the extra help can be enough for the customer to have their transaction processed correctly.


Here are some ways that you can add value to your website processes leveraging call center services:

Follow-up on missed transactions 

In soccer, many of the goals that are scored are made after a player misses the goal and second effort allows another player to follow up with a winning shot. When it comes to online transactions, when a customer drops out of a transaction during the credit card validation process, companies that choose to point instant notifications to their call center partners so that they can call and talk to the customer about using a different card will come out ahead when it it comes to sales volume. The key is to find a partner that provides timely response and has an understanding of the products that you do provide.

Managing e-mail 

Another area that sometimes proves to be difficult for companies to handle is answering sales and customer service related e-mail. It is easy to fall behind because other priorities are in front of a lot of requests that could turn into sales. By allowing specialists from a call center that focuses on sales efforts followup with your e-mail and website communications from your customers, you can increase your sales to a higher level because they will be able to stay in touch with the customers and try and encourage them to purchase the item or service that matches their need the most fully.

One nice thing about working with call center partners like Solid Cactus is that when it comes to metrics, they can provide you with details that show you how valuable your website inquiries actually are, giving you a way of projecting extra sales in your next forecast.

Live chat

In many respects, if a site doesn’t have live chat and a customer needs to have a question answered, there is a likelihood that they will look for the same product on another site that does have online help. Some companies decide to handle live chat in-house- but soon find that the productivity lost from employees that are tasked with answering can be greater than what they want to allow. By using a call center that is open and available around the clock, they can create the optimum experience for clients that need assistance immediately, saving money in the process.

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