Aide Your Flat Design Ideas with Long Shadow Photoshop Actions

The design trend for web is evolving from now and then, this present days, flat design trend is making a leap where it is embraced by clients and designers.

Flat design is a style that lacks the “tricks” designers often use in order to create a realistic or three-dimensional effect. The style is characterized by an overall minimalistic look, bright but muted colors, bold — often retro — typography and simple user interface elements such as buttons or icons.

Flat design techniques avoid embellishments such as bevels, embossing, drop shadows, gradients or artificial textures.

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And to make the flat design stand out, the use of long flat shadows is a big help and often added to the design. We have compiled Photoshop action to ease your designing task to come up with a long shadow effects.

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action

Long Shadow 2 Photoshop Action



Flat Long Shadow Photoshop Action


Long Shadow Generator


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