Amazing Business Card Designs

People have business cards for one main reason; remembrance. These small square pieces of material inscribed with personal details are handed around left right and centre by us all in vain hope that we one day that will be needed by another. However, take a moment; remove your business card from your purse or wallet and take a long look at it. Is it memorable? Because if you think about it, if it’s just a bit of card with your basic details stuck on it – what is that really saying? It’s saying that you’re like every other Tom Dick and Harry in the neighbourhood. A boring business card is most likely to end up in the trash. So with this in mind, be inspired by these chaps –these business cards are so amazing, you would not even dream of binning them.

Symmetry is Nice

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Have a ganders at this business card, the unique design has 180 degrees of rotational symmetry and was made using a laser cutter. Not much information on the card, but it is memorable to say the least.

Business Card Gun

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By snapping this cleverly designed card along the designated lines, the owner will have their very own rubber band gun in their hands. Something 007 himself would be proud of!

Clever QR

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Sometimes a simple business card may not contain enough space to showcase all your information. However, all your problems are resolved with a well-placed cheeky QR code!

Lockpickin’ly Good Business Card

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Now this is something special; a business card which also doubles up as a lock-picking kit. Simply pop the certain parts out of the business card and pick away. A genius business card for a security firm.

Business Card In 3D

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Literally, this clever business card plays on the concept of 3D glasses; using the specific colour spectrums associated with them. When used in conjunction with the Startup Island website, you mind apparently will be blown.

Calliper Card

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Ever seen a business card which folds out into a calliper after following the instructions? No? Well now you have. Ideal for clients with those instant calliper needs.

Chin Up Card

image source

The chap who designed this business card didn’t make them in intention of being memorable himself; but simply to spread a little happiness. The designer heard of a therapist advising a patient that whenever he felt depressed, to count chimneys; as it increases the light intake through the eyes. What a lovely idea.

USB Business Card

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Have you ever been in a tight spot when all you need is a USB drive to transfer to data? Well, Royal Holloway University is a step ahead of you with their special design.

Instant Inky Business Cards

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Put your business card anywhere with a detailed stamp. Let people know who you are whilst saving the trees through not printing card!

Steve Wozniak’s Business Card

image source

Plain and simple, this is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s business card. You should probably keep this for fifty years and then sell it on eBay. It’s also metallic and shiny…oooh!

So, after treating your eyes to some of the best business cards around on this page – you should now be inspired to throw your cardboard card tat in the bin and design a new one. Be quirky, innovative and daring; if you do, you’ll be well on your way to being that bit more memorable!

Author: Jenny B is part of the web design team for Cancer Research Jobs and they are loving some of these unique designs!


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