Amazing Own Designed Temporary Tattoos

I think many of us all remember the old temporary tattoos from our younger days. The days where we would plaster ourselves with tattoos to show off yet still have the convenience of being able to wash it off at the end. The beauty of these are that kids can easily have a complete design set one day, wash it off and have a different set the next. Nothing is permanent.


Most people know about these temporary tattoos as they have been around for years. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually very easily and cheaply create your own temporary tattoos. You can buy laser jet and ink jet tattoos paper that allows you to print off any image or design you wish and transfer it onto your skin. The tattoo paper can easily be purchase from Crafty Computer Paper, they have both sorts of paper for laser and inkjet.


can imagine that this opens up the possibilities of what characters and images can be used as a tattoo. But graphics designers have also seen this type of paper and made some amazing custom designs to use. Some of them cover the entire body. There was a temporary tattoo meet up in 2011 that allowed some graphics designers to showcase them. Check out some of the designs below.





So the next time you or your kids see some temporary tattoos in the shop. Have a think about buying some of the blank paper and making your own. There are some amazing designs out there.

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