Sunrise, Sunset: Apps to Help Outdoor Photographers Get That Winning Shot

If you enjoy outdoor photography, you may want to use your smartphone to take photos. The great thing about a phone is that it’s always on you, so it’s always ready to take the perfect shot.

But as well as that, there are many apps that you can download to your phone to make taking photos even easier and more rewarding.

Here are some of the best apps to try out today.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a great app for anyone who is serious about making their photos better. This is an advanced photo editor that you can download to your phone for free. You can edit your outdoor photographs after you have taken them to make them even more stunning, and it’s great for making minor or major adjustments to make your photos extra special.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an app you may already be familiar with, and it can be especially useful for taking outdoor photographs. It’s perfect for planning your photography sessions when you are heading out into areas you may not be familiar with, and you can use it to find a route into the backcountry and search for potential shooting spots. It’s a great little helper if you want to find the best places to photograph stunning landscapes.

Weather Live Free

Lighting is one of the most important factors when taking photos outdoors. Not only do you want to take your photographs at the best times of the day, which tends to be in the morning or in the evening, but you will also want to know what the weather is doing.

This weather app is perfect for your photography trips. Use it to get accurate weather forecasts for anywhere in the world for the week ahead. Plan your trips in advance and make sure you head outside at the best times to take your photos.

Polarr Photo Editor

This app is another useful photography app that you can use to edit your photographs. It has a good selection of advanced tools that you can use to automatically improve your photos with a single touch, and you can edit everything in your photos.

You can also use various tools and filters and even create your own, so it’s got everything you need to produce better photographs.


Pashadelic is a popular photography app that you can use to take better photos. This app allows you to post your photos to the community, but in addition, you can add details like the location, how you got there, what equipment you needed, the lens you used, and any other details.

It’s a fantastic way to share your knowledge with the community, and you can also learn lots of extra tips from other photographers so you can take even better outdoor photographs.

Take Better Photographs Today

If you use your smartphone to take photographs outdoors, you will be able to make use of all of these excellent apps and more besides.

These apps all add something to the process, whether that’s helping you to plan your photography sessions or providing you with advanced tools to improve your photographs once you have taken them, so try them all out today.

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