Arm Your Website, Trigger for Halloween!

Lonely in the midnight, a shadow is shuffling slowly on you, and you speed up to get rid of it but in vain. Finally, with a grisly scream “AH!!!!” you find it’s just your neighbor standing in front of you in a black zombie suit. Do you wanna kick his ass.

Similar story in your childhood, right? Well, October is finally here and it’s time to start getting in the mood and trigger your website on Halloween. So what’s your plan to make it as frightful as possible? Well, I have prepared a cool collection of resources to halloween your site. You can check for the detail information on each link.

Let’s start with Halloween logos:

This group is to commemorate Steve Jobs. Although he has just passed away, his spirit will always with us. Those ideas are awesome, maybe his soul gonna turn back with us for a happy Halloween night.

Pumpkin logo group:

And then, let’s see some cool banners:

Some nice website templates:

Absolutely great images:

Halloween fonts you need:

Icons and little stuffs:

Halloween social network icons:

Awesome Halloween Photoshop tutorials:

Design a Halloween pumpkin wallpaper in PS

How I chocolatized a skull

Zombie PS tutorial

How to create a severed arm in PS

More Halloween tutorials for Photoshop

Wooo, I spend half a day to collect those resources, and it seems I can have a break. I believe those are enough to help you out for some awesome Halloween style websites. All of them could be designed by tools, if you are not expertise in Photoshop, that’s ok; some easier logo design tools also can help you out, such as Logo Maker and etc.

Well, if you got some other cool resources, welcome to share with us in the comment. I hope this article could develop into a platform that we share Halloween experiences.

Now, it’s your turn, let’s trigger our website for Halloween!

Mars Cureg

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