Artist Laura Cooper Created Jurassic World and Disney Mashup

We are all aware that when there is Princess movie being release by Walt Disney, it will be pretty sure that it is a hit. Now here comes the Jurassic World movie that at the moment is a breaking box-office record. Combine the two and it will be a new level of creativity.

In order to celebrate the release of Jurassic World, artist Laura Cooper, created possibly the best fan art of all time by turning our our favorite Disney princesses in Velociraptors! Laura firmly believes “a princess is many things, and a raptor is one of them,” and I have to say, after seeing her artwork, I’m totally convinced!

Take a look at Laura’s collection of Disney Princesses as raptors or check out more of her work over here.




Cinderapter cinderapter

Frozenraptors frozenraptors


Jurassic park


Meraptor meraptor

Mulanraptor mulanraptor

Pocaraptor pocaraptor

Raptorbelle raptorbelle

Sleepingraptor sleepingraptor

Snowwhiteraptor snowwhiteraptor

Tangledraptor tangledraptor

Velociraptiana velociraptiana

Source: MoviePilot

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  • Awesome funny art and it’s creative. I completely enjoy it.