Attract More Readers Using Clever Blog Customization Techniques

Whatever might be the purpose of a blog, visitors should find it interesting to read. If articles published are not being read, you will fail to fulfill the business objectives. Then, how to make people really like your it? Well, the magic lies in tempting people to read more.

In this article, we are therefore going to discuss about some of the blog customization strategies to increase readership. Let’s have a look.

Write for Readers, Not for Search Engine Spiders!

It is true that search engine optimization is important for getting better page ranks, but that doesn’t imply that you will ignore the human factor. You need to write engaging content, news, views and reviews to please your readers, and not internet crawlers. For better results, it is therefore imperative to have a loyal base of followers. Provide useful and helpful information to delight users, and not spiders.

Updates Should be Easily Accessible

How frequently you post on the site? Visitors should be informed the moment something is published. Then, how users will come to know that something has actually been posted? Well, there is no need to worry as there are several tools that will help you in this regard. You can send sending newsletters to targeted customers and inform them about the latest updates. Newsletters can inform about the pertinent posts as well as include a monthly revaluation of all.

Another method is opting for RSS feed that will inform your customers the moment an article is published. Also remember to thrill users with fresh content. It is easy if you stick to a schedule. It might be one or two articles a week, but not more. Else, you will end up compromising on the quality.

Guest Posting

An ideal way to give your blog a better exposure is by opting for guest posting. Allow others to write informative articles on your site, and also let them add links to their individual blogs. This way the popularity of your business increases and people find it a perfect platform to advertise.  Reader’s interest is also aroused and they keep coming back to your site.

Integrate Internal Links

This strategy might not attract new users, but will help in persuading existing readers to spend more time reading your content, and finally turn into loyal customers. If each of the articles have links to other pertinent posts, then it is easier to build a strong network within your blog. It will enable people to browse all the relevant content, and look for links that they find interesting.

Using Social Networking Platforms

This is obvious and will help in enhancing your online presence. Make use of Twitter or Facebook to create a fan page that your loyal customers can follow. Make the best use of Twitter for engaging visitors with small updates, news or reviews. Using social media sites is the best way to reach across to a wider audience base.


Hope the above discussion helps you in reaping some benefits. Do you have some queries? If yes, feel free to comment.

Jayati Bhattacharjee is technical author and is associated with Quality Web Programming which is a web development company in India . She writes fresh and innovative content for increasing the web online presence. You can follow this article to know some blog customization techniques to increase readership.


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