Become an Author with a PDF Flipbook

A flipbook is an eBook— an electronic or digital book. It is the digitized equivalent of a printed paper book. Content in the PDF format can easily be converted a PDF into a flipbook . A PDF flipbook is a convenient and powerful way to present information in a way that frees both the author and the reader from the constraints of the traditional publishing method. Any material that is in a PDF can become a flipbook. Annual reports, direct mail advertisements, magazines, newsletters, catalogues, instruction manuals and brochures can be transformed into a high quality PDF flipbook free of charge with some available software.


With the software programs available to make a flipbook, it is not necessary to know how to code and have technical expertise. In some cases one can produce a flipbook free of cost. Flipbooks offer functionality not present in printed books, such as searching within the text, zooming in and out, printing from one to all of the pages and changing the background and display for ease of reading. As well, the author controls the distribution and cost of the PDF flipbook. If one wants to distribute the flipbook free of charge that is an option.

Flipbooks are completely searchable by Internet search engines. The text of the original PDF is retained and search engines can index the text within the flipbook. Search engine functionality is just one of many advantages that flipbooks have over print books. The PDF flipbook is good for the environment as less waste is produced, shipping is eliminated and costs are reduced as well. The author may display links and forms within flipbooks, offering convenient access to related information all in one place. The zoom within text function allows readers with vision difficulties to more easily access the content. The flipbooks are printable for circumstances requiring a hard copy of the book.

The possibilities of the flipbook are nearly unlimited as are the number of pages and size of the PDF flipbook. While various software choices are available online for creating flipbooks free from PDFs, all function similarly with the user uploading her PDF into a converter software program that keeps the process simple. The differences between software are likely in the user interface, supported languages, templates, output formats and prices for flipbook creation after a trial period.

Becoming an author has never been easier. It is as easy as making a PDF.

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