Avatars Design for The New Flickr

Two days ago, Flickr pushes a huge updates, from their web design, android and ios apps and you gasp with the 1 Terabyte free space that they provided for each user.

So start picking your favorite photos from your hard drive and start uploading to Flickr to fill up the 1 terabyte space, and when you need a break and have your daily dose of caffeine, why not try also to have it on this camera lens mug.

In the beginning, Flickr innovated the way people share and discover photos. Today, we are shifting the photo-sharing landscape again. We’re releasing a Flickr that’s more spectacular, much bigger, and one you can take anywhere. – source Flickr blog

These are the 3 main feature that Flickr is offering today.

Biggr. That’s right, a terabyte.

Spectaculr. Share in full resolution.

Wherevr. Available anywhere you go.

Now let’s get down to a more specific and detail update that they had. The avatars.

Flickr has decided to replace the default avatar used for new accounts. The old avatar (aka “Howdy”) is retiring, and will be replaced with more vibrant options. As part of the upgrade Flickr will be displaying avatars at larger sizes throughout the Flickr product. – Charis Tsevis

The new avatars had to reflect several key aspects of the Flickr products and community:

  • Flickr is photo / photography centric
  • Colorful – include the use of our brand colors
  • Individual / personal

Check out the new avatars below crafted by Charis Tsevis

A retro camera

A twin-lens reflex camera

A DSLR camera with a more classic body design from Olympus

A smart phone like the iPhone

The good old Polaroid

If you wish to see the other avatar designs, head to  Charis Tsevis’ gallery on Behance

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