Banner Advertising or SEO – Benefits of SEO vs Banner Advertising on 3rt Party Sites

There are various methods which can be used to improve your search engine marketing campaigns. When I first started out on the Web, I, like many, was convinced that having banners placed on other sites similar to my own would attract visitors to my pages and convert them into sales. So I took it on myself to work hard designing a stunning banner which would attract as many people as possible and approached websites asking to have my banners placed on their pages.

Disappointing Response Drove me to SEO

I was actually really disappointed by the response, and although I was told that the click rate was good, I was finding that my conversion rates were staying the same as before.  I needed to look at new methods of improving the amount of visitors to my site.  I contacted a search engine optimisation company who used link building along with other techniques which were designed to increase the rankings of my website achieved in the search engines, and therefore direct more traffic, which was targeted, to my pages.

Who Clicks on Banners?

Unfortunately many people no longer like to click on banner ads.  This is sometimes a conscious decision and sometimes not.  The oversaturation of banner ads in recent years has led to what’s known as ‘banner blindness’ where many users simply do not notice banner ads. Since their creation back in 1994 new methods have come in which are proving to be far more powerful. The problem with banner ads over SEO are the fact that they are not targeted when Internet users are searching for a particular term, instead they are just present on other websites and although the user may be looking on a similar site, there is a low chance that they will consider clicking a banner to read what they might consider to be very similar information.

Targeted Campaigns Have a Better Response and Can Increase Conversion Rates

With search engine optimisation the links are all targeted towards people who are actively searching for the relevant information at that exact time.  I worked with an SEO firm who helped me to create content which included links within my own website and also elsewhere on the Internet. With carefully researched keywords and expertly created content I was able to see a rise in the amount of traffic my site achieved as my site began to move up the search engine results pages.

The organic links helped no end, and although it took some time to start the ball rolling it was worth the wait for the long term results. Banner advertising has clearly seen better days and in my experience I found it to be a waste of time and energy with poor results. SEO on the other hand has delivered the results I was looking for.  If you are unsure of which way to go it can help speaking to search engine marketing experts who will be able to inform you of the various techniques which are proven to be much more effective in most situations.


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  • I agree with you that many people don’t like clicking on banners because most of they time banners try to get people click and lead them to site they were not expecting (irrelevant site you can say).

    Following SEO techniques carefully will surely give you better results.

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