Basic Steps to Some More Effective Web Design

An effective web design is the one which is able to attract prospective as well as present customers. It should be attractive, simple and easy to navigate. The foremost purpose is to convey the message in gorgeous yet effective manner.

It is not only the matter of conveying information but to communicate the actual purpose behind making of the website. A successful web design is basically a combination of attractive colors, animations, typography and well written content. It is very important to deal properly with the white space. There should be sufficient breathing space for the visitor, that is, the design should not be under or over done. It should actually fall in between these two extremes, creating an elegant combination.

Being a successful web designer, you should be able to satisfy your client in the best possible manner. Here are some simple steps which will guide you how to create more effective web design:

  1. Define your Goal:The first and foremost step towards effective web design is to understand the basic goal of your client which he wants to convey through his website. Every client obviously needs to boost the marketing and sales of his product with the help of an effective web design, but the problem lies in how to achieve this purpose. This is the point where a good web designer’s work starts.
    As a web designer, you should be able to define and clear the goal of your client. For instance, if your client deals with some service, it is good to include an order form in the website through which more customers can interact and increase the business.
  2. Define the Steps:The next step is to lay down the structure of your website properly in accordance to your needs. For instance, if you are designing website for a firm providing photography services, you can divide the information in links like about us, our portfolio, our services and contact us.

    After finalizing the main navigation links, you can sub divide the navigation by including useful secondary links. The purpose should be to keep the visitor focused.
  3. Keeping a Balance in Design: A very important aspect being a web designer is to find the right balance between underdone and overdone. The web design should be striking, colorful and able to attract the target audience. Sometimes, a good design loses its essence due to focus on so many design elements. The tip to be successful is to be simple yet innovative.
  4. Testing:Last but not the least, usability testing is highly essential. A very nice looking design may not work appropriately when loaded on browser. So, before finalization, it is important to show it to as many people as you can, and just focus on their feedback. It will guide you a lot to improve your design.Another important aspect to consider while testing your design is to look for its loading speed. Your design should be supported by all browsers and should have the ability of loading in minimum time.

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