Enjoy this pack of beautiful weather icons by Freepik and Flaticon!

All of the icons that you need for the change of season are here, in the shape of a freebie brought to you by Freepik and Flaticon! The weather has officially gone crazy: the sunny and clear days of summer have already said goodbye, and with the beginning of the Fall the weather has begun to change.

But don’t worry: if you are designing a weather app or if you want to customize your phone’s already existing one, this freebie pack of beautiful weather icons are here to save the day! They won’t do much to stabilize the weather, but they have enough variety to portray the different variations.

These icons come in free SVG and PNG file formats, easy to use and edit. There are three variations included of each icon: outline only (wich can be recolored accordingly), color or flat color, so that you can choose to use your favorite version.

They are 100% scalable to any size without any loss of quality, and you can easily change the color palette to adapt it to your design needs. Feel free to use them to create postcards, background images or a new wallpaper with an Autumn feel!

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Mars Cureg

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