Benefits of Contextual Advertising for a Website

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising which is also called content based advertising. It searches text of a website for keywords and ends up with ads on webpage related to the information that a user is viewing. It appears as an ad or links on a webpage to inform the users and make them more aware about the product offerings. It is a cost effective medium to generate sales and a niche market for an online business. This article would discuss the benefits of contextual advertising for a website.

Get targeted traffic

Contextual advertising is significant in promoting online business and to make a business more popular on the Internet. It is the best way to find a niche market for a business as it has a targeted message for specific customers. Contextual advertising scans keyword or keyword phrases in text and return with related ads that a user is reading on a web page.

Useful information

Contextual advertising is based on the website’s content in the form of links or advertisements which pop-ups during surfing of the web pages. If a user is searching for a stylish bag on the internet and indexed to a website that has used contextual advertising, then ads related to stylish bags will be appearing on the web page. In this way users will get practical information and users without searching more on the Web.

Cost effective

Contextual ads are very cost effective and don’t need heavy investment in comparison with conventional advertising mode. An advertiser has to pay only for the ads which have been clicked by the user and not for the display of the advertisements on the website. It gives a specialized message and provides an option for shopping opportunity via one click of on the links.

High sales

It ranges from likely to certain- that contextual advertising will be clicked by users who are searching for useful information on websites and want more information. And in this any advertising related to the subject would appear on the webpage and increases the possibility that the user would buy the product while also increasing the brand exposure.

High rate of user satisfaction

Contextual advertising gives an opportunity to the users to put less effort in searching, as users get exactly what they are looking for without more searches on the World Wide Web. Contextual advertising uses links with research keyword in the text and when users click on the link they get the required information with applicable ads. Thus users are thus satisfied to get information that they were looking for through a crystal clear advertisement.

Users don’t get annoyed with these messages

Contextual advertising gives an opportunity for visitors to get relevant information, as this kind of links or advertising in the form of images or multimedia are vastly used to inform the targeted users.  It never ever bombards the pop-up ads on the web page. So, users can’t avoid the links or ad, as they are eagerly looking for that information and want to read more authentic data about the product.

Useful for bloggers

Contextual ads also help the bloggers to make their blog more relevant and hence enhance online sales. Ads are placed on the basis of content keywords of blogs and advertisers have to decide the placement of ads and not to choose the number of ads for blog posting. Ads can also be customized to get to a better, niche market.

Engage customers

Contextual ads are good enough to engage the customers, as visitors find advertisements or links useful as they click on them and get more relevant information. It makes them engage without searching on their own .Hence, they are likely to give more response towards a particular product or services.

Content Network

Contextual advertising is a new form of online advertising which has been extensively used for promotions. It helps to get target group for a market by displaying ample of advertising on websites. These kinds of websites are called content network. If contextual ads are using AdSense for advertising then it gives a better result in Google search engine.


Measuring success ads campaign

Contextual advertising gives an opportunity to measure the success of an advertising campaign. This type of advertising can be shown in specific geographical locations while choosing the right demography. It also decides the timeline in hours, month or certain other parameters of time. Their strategic pattern ensures maximum benefit to the web marketers.


Contextual advertising is a cost effective medium to generate sales and target market for an online business. It appears as an ad or links related to the content of a page. There are lots of advantages of contextual advertising which have been described above and which will be beneficial for web marketers. This article has discussed benefits of contextual advertising for website.


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  • Maneet Puri

    Nice! Contextual advertisement by far is one of the most crucial and profitable strategies that a firm can initiate. I’m terming it crucial from the informational perspective of the target audience that is easily served along with a chance for the firm to capture pivotal leads. However, one has to be smart in these types of marketing strategies. Thanks again for the information 🙂