Benefits Of Hosting Photography Contests

Photographically inclined websites offer numerous opportunities for savvy photography gurus like yourself to have your wonderful snapshots placed before the eyes of millions. Sure, if you’re wanting exposure from newsworthy sources, you could sell pictures to credible outlets for handsome pay. The long-term benefits of holding onto these photos, watermarking them and entering them into contests may surprise you, even though many picture takers would prefer that proverbial ‘quick buck’ that, more often than not, is much lower than their efforts are actually worth.

Free Visual Marketing

The next trending photographer could be you – and you’d never know it. Many small-time photographers spend their savings on expensive digital lenses, camera bags, and trips to exotic places for pictorial purposes. That leaves little marketing money; unless you have millions of Instagram followers, you need marketing. And, simply by entering or starting mainstream contests, you could enter your pics into the fray, hoping others will love and share your work. Beats spending money that you really don’t have on marketing methods not meant for your line of work, too.



Cheap Traffic Generator

Again, we revert to Point A: newbie photographers have better directions to toss their money in. Digital camera reviews parked on highly ranked sites do work wonders when your number comes up for inclusion into their site. Writing those reviews doesn’t take rocket science (unless you just cannot write complete sentences). However, wouldn’t getting traffic generation for your photo portfolio make more sense if long-term career development is highest on your agenda? Contests make sense for generating targeted eyeballs on your works, even if you’ll only afford doling out $100 grand prizes. Often, you can find sponsors who will gladly donate prizes in return for promotion for the duration of the contest.

Servicing the Common Good

Other photo nuts may find your contest could open doors for their aspiring careers in photojournalism. Perhaps somebody has been dying to follow Hollywood stars and needed one big break in order to secure work in the paparazzi sciences. Not only would photo contests serve the common welfare of broke photographers, you’d give them perhaps the life-altering experience they’ve been waiting for. In terms of Karma deposits, you’ll eventually receive retribution for your kindness. Performing charity at this level is, of course, priceless to the soul.

Pictures Go Viral

Quite simply, what better way for exemplary pictures to grab viral attention than having large audiences voting, Tweeting and Instagram sharing yours – and your entrants – photos? Unless you have strong opposition to having your copyrighted photos shared with everyone, viral exposure often gets large magazine’s attention, which gives everyone their one shot at career fame. Also, writing information about your contests on websites purporting digital camera reviews would make both your contest and personal photos gain more exposure.

In Closing: Start your Contest Today

Starting personal photography contests, or having some marketing specialist assist you, may send your portfolio of pictures into instant popularity. Also, by starting your contest today, you’ll give assurance to smaller camerapersons that dreams of photographic stardom are attainable by all who earnest seek such fame. Check with friends, family or consult your favorite search tool for plugins or assistance with setting up photography contests, including ways to watermark images so larger ‘photo warehouses’ won’t thieve your hard work overnight.

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