Best Free Ways/Methods to Promote your Business Online

Business must use marketing for generating awareness. Before the advent of the internet, small business suffered because there was little scope for competitive marketing. Marketing was a costly affair and only those with considerable turnovers managed it. But in the present scenario, online marketing has opened all doors for promotion with access to an unfathomable market. Social Media also plays a significant role in marketing. In fact, one of the best free ways to promote your business online is to create online free ads to have maximum benefits.

Here is how you can promote your product without spending a single buck.

 1. Use the three prominent local search engines

The three most promising listing local services are Google places, Yahoo Local and Bing. All that is to be done is to fill up a registration form from your smartphone or computers, and they follow the processes of verification as they sneak up. These three offer free services and probably the best place to raise your banners.



  2. Be social; Draw benefits from the social media

Social networking sites, just as the name implies gets people connected to other people and are extremely valuable in marketing. Just imagine, if all the majority of people in the social networking sites gets to know about your product, won’t it be simply charming! No efforts, no expenses and only attracting potent clients by posts, graphics, related songs and survey on My Space. Create ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin with you and your company’s profile and create awareness. Those who are starting for the first time, it is their best chance.

3. Create a blog post

Blogging is the trend of the era. Everybody from teens to adults are blogging! A blog post has a lot of benefit; it allows the customers more accessibility in terms of getting connected. Additionally there may be followers of your blog but remember your blog must be updated at regular intervals. If not then stagnancy may cost you and your clients.

4. Use Flickr and YouTube

Creating awareness via videos may increase your chances of getting clients. Have good quality and professional videos so that people may know about your product, tag them with the right words so that when people search they may be immediately able to.  Flickr is yet another portal that gets the customers connected to the traders. So this portal also must be used for most marketing.

 5. SEO

In the world of Google, it is folly to ignore Search Engine Optimization. Just pick sufficient information how to improve your SEO and increase your visibility. If you don’t optimize then, you will probably lie somewhere in limbo and lose customers.

6. Press release

Whenever you have, struck a new milestone, whenever you have done something different, create press releases. This way you will always be news and improve your chances. There are companies who can write press releases for your product, use them.

7. Online community

This is yet another small trick to stardom join a community that is relevant to your product and follow passive marketing. Wondering what passive marketing is? Well just add the link to your site with your signature every time you are writing. Try to make a good rapport by terms of quality posts and participation. Social bookmarking genuinely delivers traffic.

 8. Squidoo

Are you still not using Squidoo? This is a place which is visited by a huge number of people coming directly from Google. So create content that is fun, engaging and informative and gain traffic.

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