10 of the Best HTML5 Tools Developers to Boost their Workflow

Since its inception, HTML5 has garnered a lot of attention from users around the world, because of many reasons. The fifth and latest HTML iteration helps in fulfilling the modern needs of a website. Essentially, it helps in building mobile-friendly websites. So, if you’re eager to carry out development using the HTML5 web technology, then there are some tools, you can consider for creating HTML5 powered sites and web apps.

The best aspect about HTML5 tools is that they not only help developers in enhancing a website but also helps improve its usability, and most importantly, the accessibility. This post will serve as a basic guide that will help you become familiar with some of the best HTML5 tools.

Adobe Edge Animate CC


A part of the Adobe Edge tools, Adobe Edge Animate CSS is considered one of the most viable alternatives to Adobe Flash. The tool interface looks quite similar to that of Flash, containing motion paths, timeline, etc. However, the output files are not saved using the .swf or any other extensions. Instead the files are built using JavaScript and open-source jQuery and HTML5 libraries, making the files accessible across all the modern browsers. Just as the name implies, this is an HTML5-based animation tool that helps in creating animations – with plenty of interactive expressions – ideal to be used on mobile or desktop browsers.

Font Dragr


Want to check out how custom fonts look like in the browser? In that case Font Dragr is exactly what you need. It takes out the stress associated with writing codes, and utilizes the “@font-face at-rule” for testing custom fonts, even without knowledge of CSS programming or coding. The tool is extremely easy to use, and just require you to drag and drop a font file from your desktop monitor into the Font Dragr in the browser – be it Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or any other platform.

Adobe Typekit


Each font carries a certain meaning to it, and plays a vital role in communicating your intended message to viewers effectively. In fact, the fonts used on your website can influence how your visitors feel about your site. Thanks to the Adobe Typekit HTML5 development tool, you can add beautiful fonts to your web pages. You can find a huge collection of fonts from foundry partners from Typekit’s single library, which can be used for creating splendid typographic designs.



In case you wish to build an HTML email that looks great regardless of the device, it is being accessed on, then Ink is the best bet for you. This HTML5 development tool helps in creating responsive HTML emails that can be easily read on any sort of device. And, the best part is that you can even use pre-built responsive email templates for free, which helps in reducing your development time in crafting an HTML template.



This HTML5 development tool, as the name implies, helps in creating exquisite patterns for your website designs in no time. It is a free to use tool that helps to integrate a code in your design, so as to create a background with stripes.



As a developer, you’ll probably need to capture the screen you’re working on to share it with your team or clients. This is where the JSCapture development tool comes in handy. It is a screen-capturing library that uses HTML5 web technology and JavaScript for making screenshots. Besides this, it even helps in recording a video of the desktop screen you’re currently working on, from your browser.

HTML5 Maker


Image  sliders are considered to be the best solution for showcasing business  products and services. If you aim at creating stunning HTML5 responsive  banners for your website slider, then HTML5 Maker is one tool you can’t  afford to miss. Popularly known as an animation maker, HTML5 Maker help  to create sliders, banners and presentations for free, and without any  coding and designing skills.



If  you want to create an HTML5 Boilerplate-inspired template, then  initializr best fit your needs. It is an HTML5 template generator that  helps in producing a clean, responsive and customizable template, you  can use for building a website. It allows you to choose various elements  you want to be incorporated into your HTML site. Thanks to this tool,  you can build an HTML template within a few clicks.

Google Web Designer


Irrespective  of how much time and efforts, you have put into crafting a design, it’s  no use to users if they can’t see it. Put it simply, it is important  that your designs can run on all devices. Google Web Designer helps in  creating an interactive design and beautiful motion graphics – for your  HTML5 website – that can be accessed on different device screen. So, if  you want to save your time in creating engaging HTML5 designs with  stunning animations, then Google Web Designer tool is the right choice  for you.



Last  on our list is Rendera, an excellent tool that enables you to view your  HTML code getting rendered in real time. And later style the code using  CSS. In essence, it gives you the ability to test how your HTML code  will look like when executed. It even lets you use HTML5 and CSS3 tags  supported by your browser.

Wrapping Up!

Often  developers cannot find time to incorporate interactive elements in  their designs, or they lack the required skills needed for crafting  stunning designs with effects. Fortunately, the aforementioned list of  tools, will prove useful to developers who want to create HTML5 website  featuring cool designs, good typography, animations and several great  effects.

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