Best Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

New year, new blog.

Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your website or thinking of starting a blog, either one sounds a good idea for the coming new year.

New years are about new beginnings and starting over with a clean slate. What better way to do that than designing a neat website for you and your readers.

If you haven’t revamped your site for a few years now, keep reading. If you have no idea how to enhance your new blog without being a pro, keep reading. I’ll share something with you that you would totally find helpful.

The Basics

As we all know, websites must be visually attractive and user-friendly to keep your current reader coming back for more and attract new ones.

I’m not saying you have to be an web designer expert or a professional web developer. You just have to know the basics. By the way, I’m not claiming that I’m not an expert.

What are the basics?

1. Using the right colors to design your website

I know how tempting it is to use your favorite colors. It is your website, you have the right to impart your identity there. But you have to think about audience first. Are they mostly men or women? What do you want them to feel when they’re on your site?

2. Don’t Put Too Many Buttons or Pages

Too much of anything is just overwhelming – wordy visuals, sites with too many content going on on one page. Your visitors must know subtly where they need to go on your blog. Don’t leave them confused.

3. WP plugins make everything easier

When I first encounter WordPress plugins, I thought they were the best things on earth. I can just install one then it would look like an expert created my blog or as if I have learned how to code.

Anyway, I can’t recall the first ever plugin I installed but Visme can tell you in this infographic the 36 best plugins you should definitely install for your blog.

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