How to pick the best Template for your Website

A few years ago, building a website was simple compared to today. However, only a few people could do it. The process of creating a website has become complicated, but in spite of that, more people can build and launch a website without the help of a professional. A website is meant to give one or business an online presence and for good publicity, good design is essential. Whether an experienced web designer or just someone that want to create his/her website, some general guidelines can help in selecting the right template for your website. A website template is a premade website that is about 80 percent ready. You will only need slight modifications, mainly personalizing, and it will be ready to upload. Before you decide, note the type of hosting for your website as some web templates are specific on the kind of hosting required. Below are some of the best ways of picking the best template that will suit your website.


Decide on the type of website that you need

Every kind of website has its requirements. Therefore, it will be very detrimental to ignore the specific requirements of a website. For instance, an e-commerce website requires attention on products, images of products should be of high quality and the call to action buttons need to be placed so that it is easy to find the viewers. This is entirely different with how a corporate website should look and feel. A corporate website needs to emanate aspects of trust, power, and safety with a design that is impressive. A website that is intended for kids should have a design that allows for a background with funny illustrations and colors that express joy. The website should be funny. These three examples show the importance of knowing what you need for your website. Understanding these aspects will help choose the best template for your website.

Pick a template that you need not the one that you like

It is easy to get carried away with a web template because of the visual appearance. Those that know what to do when it comes to selecting a website template will tell you that it is not an easy task getting a template that will suit the needs required and it is very easy to find someone selecting a template because of their personal liking. Therefore, since you know what you need, use your mind when making the selection. It is important to have a clear understanding that the users are the one who matter not personal preferences. This is why it is important to note down the users’ expectations for the website that you will present to them. Based on their expectations, you can have an easy time selecting a template. Take time and be objective to avoid consequences in future.

The best templates are customizable and flexible

You may have found the right template based on the website’s needs and users’ expectations. However, you may have a hard time trying to customize it because it is not flexible. Do not be carried away by the beautiful designs. Take time and evaluate the underlying technical aspects of the template. It is very easy to find yourself with a template that has lots of bugs. Unless you like the design and you are good at fixing bugs, it is not an interesting thing to do. You have paid money for the template, and it should not take your time to customize. A web template that is hard to customize and is not flexible beats the purpose of being a template in the first place.

Review the seller and inquire about customer support

The best templates are from sellers that have good reviews. Therefore, pay attention to the seller by reading reviews from people that have bought templates from them. Even if the template seems to deliver everything that you want in your website, do not buy it if there are negative reviews about the seller that have not addressed. And because you are not the one that designed the template, you may find difficulties understanding some technical aspects of the website. This is why having someone that you can contact in such a situation is important. Good reviews will give you the confidence to buy the template and with customer support, you are assured of technical help if you encounter a challenge.

Do not lose focus on the bigger picture

Websites are created for different purposes. Some are created just for fun or non-business activities. The moment someone visits your website; they can immediately tell what its objectives are. Some are designed to sell products, some to distribute information and some to let people know the kind of services they offer. The mental picture people get from the website will have long-term impact. So take into consideration the overall big picture. Do not select a template that only takes into account a smaller part of the bigger project.

Take time and do not be afraid to spend money

It is with no doubt that there are good free web templates online. But these may come with some disadvantages. In most case, free web templates lack technical support and have many technical issues. And this does not directly mean that the ones that are not free are the best. Getting the best template will need time. Take time and go over as many templates as possible, including those that are free. And when you stumble on a good template, do not be afraid to spend some few dollars to get it.


As already mentioned, before choosing a web template, first take into consideration the type of hosting for your website. There are many templates online, and some can only be hosted on specific web hosting services. Do not end up spending a lot of time and resources only to discover later that you will not be able to host it.

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