Blue in Web Design

Colors make our life more interesting and emotional. They reflect our feelings – light or dark, calm or aggressive. Also, they can be powerful tools in the hands of those who are aware of their ability to influence our perception and mood. Web designers pay a lot of attention to colors as a color scheme is one of the first things we notice when visiting a website. It is not easy to choose the main color for a website because it is perhaps the most important aspect of design which affects how people will react to your content.

If you look closer at the websites you visit on a regular basis, you will be surprised by how many web pages in different niches are designed in blue. So, let’s get into the psychology of colors and discover what makes blue so popular. The point is this color is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, conservatism, authority figures, etc. Surely, these positive characteristics explain why so many webmasters and web designers prefer blue to other colors, and also many people choose blue intuitively.

Got interested? No wonder, colors can fascinate with their magic and beauty, they can help reach the desired result and create an outstanding design. If you are eager to learn more about the color blue and its influence on web design, you are welcome to check an infographic featured below. Not only the infographic explains which websites use blue as their main color and why, but also offers 55 shades of the color blue with hexadecimal RGB codes.

Tastes, certainly, differ and there is no such color which will be ideal for all designs. At the same time, this is a benefit – we can combine different colors and create striking websites with unique color schemes.

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