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We all know and love Bootstrap. The popularity of this sleek intuitive and powerful front-end framework picks up steam in the world of web design. The secret is simple ñ it offers useful tools that make it easier for anyone to build web pages. So what exactly Bootstrap gives us?

  • Easy-to-use navigation toolkit;
  • Wide management instrument for image and video content;
  • LESS for preprocessing CSS;
  • Responsive design and lots of other cool things

The latter is known to be the modern trend, and compatibility with it gives website owner lots of opportunities. Bootstrap supports fluid grid, it means that any website created with the framework will fit any possible handheld device.
Here are the basic tools that Bootstrap offers:

  • Grids ñ sizes of columns that on the whole make the layout;
  • Typography ñ descriptions of the font, the definition of certain classes of fonts (Code, Quote, etc);
  • Forms ñ classes for processing shapes, and some of the events occurring to them;
  • Navigation ñ classes for creating tabs, menu, pages, toolbar

Craving for more information about Bootstrap? Then have a look at an interactive guide created by TemplateMonster team. As you see, the guide resembles Windows 8 Metro interface. Probably, thatís because the brand-new start menu design is 100% intuitive to use. So if you havenít yet tried the new OS, then this guide will help you to know it a little bit better.

Responsive Bootstrap Web Design

Btw, you can either see the static version of the infographics featured above or check out the interactive guide to Bootstrap. If you like it, please feel free to share it with your friends across social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon).

Katarina Klementi is a columnist now working at TemplateMonster. Through personal and professional experience she illuminates the latest news in the sphere of web design and brings them in the focus of your attention.

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