Easily Build Unlimited Website Designs with the Bootstrap Starter Kit

Bootstrap websites are all the rage these days and for good reason. They’re lean, mean and highly responsive in design. Well, now with this incredible Bootstrap Starter Kit you can easily put together a great website of your own. Using the simple Drag-&-Drop HTML Builder, you can mix and match various Bootstrap Content Blocks to put together unlimited website layouts. So easy to use, this Starter Kit is perfect for all knowledge levels.

Professionally designed and built Bootstrap Content Blocks to kickstart your web development. Includes simple to use Drag-&-Drop HTML Builder to build responsive websites in minutes.


  • Simple to use no matter what your level of Bootstrap knowledge is from beginners to experts.
  • Use this Bootstrap Starter Kit to put together a fantastic website of your own, made up of professionally designed and built Bootstrap Content Blocks.
  • With a real simple Drag-&-Drop HTML Builder, you’ll be able to piece together any number of these amazing content blocks for a fabulous website.
  • Create unlimited layouts with these high-quality Bootstrap content blocks, made up of the following categories:
    • Headers
    • Promo Blocks
    • Content Blocks
    • Gallery Blocks
    • Team Blocks
    • Pricing Tables
    • Blog
    • Contact Blocks
    • Footer Blocks
  • Updates will contain new content blocks and additional features for even more variety.
  • In just minutes, you can put together a responsive website, perfectly suited for viewing on any device.
  • As a bonus, you’ll even get original PSD and PNG files of every content block!

Try the live demo here

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