Technology Is Bridging The Individualized Art Gap

Getting A Top Dollar Look For Bottom Dollar Prices

It used to be that certain means of artistic expression and interior styling had an exceptional expense apportioned to it. If you wanted to get a painting, you’d have to commission a painter centuries years ago. That would be the modus operandi for portraits as well, before the photograph.

Remember when you weren’t able to print something on a page using a machine? Probably not; we’ve had the modern printer so long, some kids can barely use conventional handwriting techniques, and practically require the use of a computer. Certainly they still teach writing, but these days you’ll see iPads in kindergarten.

While there are ups and downs to technology, perhaps the most interesting thing which represents a positive trend is the mainline artistic abilities high-quality production methods make possible today. You can have any picture or painting from anywhere printed in high quality on a variety of materials, and affordably.

Art on acrylic glass and other substances used to be expensive, but according to, with new technology: “It’s never been easier to transform your digital photos into stunning, gallery quality art using unique materials such as bamboo, acrylic (plexiglass), raw aluminum, and dibond.”

Do you have a picture of that beloved pet from a Kodak camera taken in the eighties? Snap a shot of it with your cellphone, send it in, and you can get a high-quality acrylic print that looks as though an inspired professional artist were responsible. How about a favorite family portrait? Make it look like a painting!

Choose Your Own Texture

Additionally, when you can get such prints on a variety of textures, you can evince a certain high-dollar quality previously only available to the super rich! Soon, the world’s 1% will have to resort to holograms to get a “cut above” the rest of society! At least, as long as trends like these persist.

Your home is your castle, and your castle should have artwork that is unique to the structure, as well as those who live in it. Additionally, with such printing methods, you can get photographs, paintings, drawings, or whatever you desire designed to the proper scale.

Have you ever needed to put a painting in a certain space, but couldn’t find one the right size? Sometimes you end up putting a mirror there, or some decorative shelving unit…but it doesn’t quite work, does it? With modern tech, you can get any picture any size, anywhere.

Before, it would be hard to hang a picture upside down from the ceiling. With modern methods, you can have light enough materials used in the picture that it can be successfully mounted on the roof with a minimum of hassle. Bamboo is light, strong, and easy to print on. This substance is ideal to such a purpose.

Imagine The Possibilities

There are additional implications for art galleries and special events. Imagine a wedding with a corridor decked out in pictures of the bride to be and her groom. Now imagine the wedding guests walking down it toward the chamber where the ceremony takes place. You could do this on the cheap, and what an effect!

It would make a slideshow look like children’s drawings on cardboard cutouts. It would make a light show look like candles in the breeze! Technology can make simplicity have a greater effect than it would otherwise through sheer ubiquity of product, and subsequent inhering quality.

Today it’s easier than ever to obtain the best quality at the least price, and print any picture you want, how you want it, in the size you would prefer.

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