Bring Out the Best PHP Framework for Web Development

An army going in a battle without bullets is suicide, so is an engineering student going for a test without calculator. They may survive along the way but they have gone a strenuous process. Web development is a long and laborious process if start from scratch, from nothing. You may finish it but you exerted much effort. Why make things complicated when you can make it an easy one?

PHP framework is your weapon in web development. Using libraries and existing codes provided by the framework partnered by its rich feature will sure make a PHP application development a quick, easy and efficient one. But you just don’t pick randomly any PHP framework, choosing the proper frame is important. It adds robustness and success to the web development process. But of those numerous frameworks, how to choose the best PHP framework for web development?


Learning the Basics

PHP framework is the foundation of PHP applications, where code can be in arranged neatly. Frameworks ask as a catalyst in boosting the productivity while reducing complexity in web development. And thus, a more stable application will be build.

Understanding the Framework

We should first need to understand what a framework consist to validate its necessity.

  • Toolbox – consist of a set of prefabricated software component or library codes. This will allow developer to write less code, lesser error and non-repetitive codes. Lesser codes to write means greater productivity and more time can be devoted in improving your PHP application.
  • Methodology – a set of assembly diagrams or process for applications. When working with complex and difficult task, this could help attain greater efficiency and productivity.

Sizing up the Best PHP Framework

Criteria are set to meet the best output. Like a woman choosing who to say her sweet yes. Here are the factors to consider on choosing the best framework.

  • Popularity and community size. Popular framework pulls great number of competent and professional developers with new ideas and queries. Framework will continue to evolve and will be more complete.
  • Meet your needs. End developers should identify his purpose or visualize the output he wants to achieve. Serving your purpose is the essence of PHP framework.
  • Support and documentation. Some framework offers support and training modules. Make sure that forums and well-documented materials exist for this will help your questions in getting answered.
  • Any application is vulnerable, so to minimize the risk, secure a framework with security functions like XSS management.

Identifying the Leading Contenders

In terms of PHP frameworks speed, stability, and usability; Lavarel, Yii, Symfony, Zend framework 2, and phalcon are believed to be more suited in most web developers. Aside from the list there are more PHP framework that would be of your convenience and preference, check them also.

Trying it out

We are fond of reading reviews, comments, pros and cons and more on the rating or ranking on the internet. But don’t just be satisfied by reading it, try it out, not all but one with good reviews. You may conclude and choose the best PHP framework for web development by reading but when you’re not comfortable with it you take the toll. It’s like solving a math problem, you’ll never know the difficulty unless your try to solve it not only read it.

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