Business Card Anatomy 101

The Components of a Business Card

So you have started your own business and you are now wondering what to do in order to make it grow. Have you tried making business cards?

Business cards are easy to create, efficient, and are affordable. Not only does it help your clients/prospects in remembering you and how to reach you, they also provide that added personal feel to every business using it.

But since this is your first time trying to make a business card, you may have no idea what to put on it. No need to worry, though. This article will help you and anybody in your shoes in getting started.

First of all, what is a business card? Basically, it is a business tool most commonly made of card stock. Its primary use is to provide information about a person and his/her company. It works pretty much like a flyer, but with a more professional touch.

For business card newbies out there, the many parts of a business card can be narrowed down into four main components. Namely:

1. Who you are/What you do

Of course, your name has to be included. Put your whole name and your position in the company. That way, the people who will receive your card will have a general idea of your role in the business.

2. Who you represent

Add the name of your company so that the receivers would know who you’re representing. You can also put your company’s address there. Also, it helps if you put in a brief tagline describing your company’s field of expertise (especially if the company name is ambiguous and does not really portray its particular niche).

3. How to reach you

This part is really important. Excluding your contact information from your business card would ultimately defeat the purpose of having one in the first place. Just put your office number, mobile number, fax, email, and/or any other contact information you may have. And make sure you give the people more than one way of contacting you so it would be easier for them to reach you.

4. Other significant details

This is just a plus, but it greatly helps in remembering you. Try to be creative. Put the company’s slogan or a motto that would best relate to your field, add a barcode or even a QR code if you have the means to do so, or even attach a free paperclip as incentive. Whatever you do, the key here is to be creative, in order to increase the memory recall of the receivers.

Creating a business card is simple and easy. Plus, it is cost-effective. So why not use it to help your business grow? I do, and it truly helps a lot.

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