Business Card Design – Things to Consider and Eye-Catching Examples

As business competition nowadays are getting tighter, you must have a good impression for your potential clients. Impressive business cards will lead you to attract clients, it will speak for your company or brand.

There are many companies online offering a cheap quick designs based on templates so people will able to avail designs in just one click rather than hiring a freelancer to make it for them, but be sure to pick the right one for your need.

Things to consider in making your business card design:

  • Avoid putting yourself in rush in making a design or choosing the right paper to use.
  • It must leave an unforgettable impression for your clients.
  • Design must be related for your company or brand you are with.
  • There are no rules in making business card design, It’s up to you whether you will make it simple, attractive or expensive.
  • Include the appropriate information about your business.

I have here some eye-catching business card designs I’ve collected from flickr and deviantart.


Mars Cureg

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  1. SEOservices says:

    great designs i would grab some of them for future use
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  2. Some great business card examples. Nice round-up !

  3. anias says:

    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase i want hardly one of these cadrs .. how could i take it to add my personal info???

    please if u can give it to me i will be very thanksfully..

    the 4 th card