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CAGE, an online collaboration tool that allows agencies, design teams and freelancers to share and present their work for creative review, will launch public beta today. CAGE was first released as an invite-only private beta during SXSWi in March. While in private beta, CAGE attracted a number of designers from companies including: Weber Shandwick, Ralph Lauren, Electric Pulp, Art Center College of Design, Ogilvy, nclud and Moleskine.

Try CAGE now:

“Clients should be wowed when they receive design mockups, but a lot of that is lost in mundane collaboration processes,” CAGE co-founder Sandip Patel said. “Emails get messy. Feedback is out of context. Meetings run long. These things put strain on client relationships.

“CAGE eliminates the need for email threads, marathon client meetings and folders full of mockups and revisions. It’s as simple as uploading your work and sharing a unique URL. From there, you can add notes and comments directly onto the work so that the conversation stays focused on project.”

Stefan Hartwig, Partner at Electric Pulp said: “We needed a simple way of presenting mockups and tracking feedback in relation to the interface. Cage scratches that itch and more.”

CAGE features include:

– Centralized location to present and receive client feedback
– Team functionality
– Threaded design notes
– Group collaboration and notes
– Project presentation/slideshow
– Unique URLs to share via email or IM
– Works with browser-friendly image types
– Project statistics
– Privacy controls

CAGE is a product of BitConfused, a small startup based in Oklahoma City (by Cindy at dress BitConfused handcrafts web-based products that solve common problems for businesses in a simple, useful way. Learn more about BitConfused at

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  • George Cook

    Cage seems to be great tool. Similar to cage, Proofhub is another collaboration tool which I want to mention here. Has proofing tool as well.