Careless Whisper – the song that made it too loud

Everybody is talking about this song, everybody wants to see the video, everybody hums to the tune.

The song that started all the shame and bitterness in one’s life.

Ask me what can I say about this song… it sucks I feel so sleepy every time I hear it even the controversial video of Katrina and Dr Kho, it seems like a lullaby that turns my senses to sleeping state. Yawn!

They should have waited for the release of the album of Seether, with “Careless Whisper” on the cover.

Check it out! It rocks!

Mars Cureg

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  • MC

    Oh NO. I’m sick and tired of that brouhaha shit scandal of Katrina and Hayden.
    Astig ang cover ng Seether but I still prefer George Michael. hah

    • nothing like the original as they say.

  • K.noizki

    Love this theme, esp the index main frame, except when I read this post, it ruined my short visual pleasure. Yup, I agree with MC, the Pinoy community enjoys this bit of crap, nothing personal really – I’m just saying. ;).

    Crawling from MC’s blog.

    • nothing is new my friend, what is on the news, everybody is in the news

  • I’ve heard of this version noon pa 😀 I actually prefer Tamia’s version lol well we have varied taste when it comes to our choice of music 🙂

    • thats right, but dr and that actress should have chosen another song lolz

  • azul

    i love seether’s version too…

    • give me five sir, oh my mistake, maam!

  • dencios

    in all fairness to the song, its a good rendition..

    • yeah! i liked it too, and know what, they just release their album that the song was included

      • Snow

        hahaha…talked about the timing! ^_^

        • its a perfect timing, and i talked last night to one of the DJ of NURock, and he said that the song might get to number 1

  • Ax

    and all i hope a law is born to protect women and children.

    ah, this is seether’s?!

    • its been an old fashion law that doesn’t make it to the top, before there was a news that senator revilla is proposing a bill for this kind of law, unfortunately nobody agrees to him

  • archie

    im not into rock pero ok sya may emotion hehehe..1st time i heard the name of the band, sikat ba?

  • jason

    Nung ginamit sa eskandal yung kanta
    tsaka ko pa lang narinig ang lirics nito at buong kanta.

    dati kasi puro instrumental lang yung ginagamit sa mga bold movies

  • Ely

    Favorite ko kamo kantahin yan sa videoke. Kahit noon noon pa. hehehe

    • oh really, you loved that song?

  • I can never listen to this song again without smirking. Ahahaha. It’s so darn tainted now. “,)

    In a serious note, I’d love your blog’s look. I’m not good at design and lay outing stuff on blogs – zero knowledge – but yours look great. And the cool thing about this is that I hate dark background on principle. Your blog is an exception.

    I prefer light background. Old eyesight must have something to do with it. Your blog made me add a freaking exception to my frigging rules. Ahahaha. You’re awesome, you and your blog.

    • wooh! thanks for the compliment on the layout, this is not my original work though, i made some changes to the original theme to suite the dark background. thanks

  • raziel

    i still love the original song, pinabaho lang ng ibang artista dyan, hmmp!

  • Nino Natividad

    I’ll never gonna dance again.. whoohooo!

    Nino Natividad

  • nobe

    now katrina’s ex-boyfriend is singing this song in his album. the irony.. the irony..


  • Gabriel Ellis

    George Michael have created lots of scandal in the 90s he he.,’