Choose Your CompTIA Certification

Technology has transformed the world as we know it. Holding a certification in the IT world will give you a promising career, that you can continue to progress in. Let’s face it, technology is not going anywhere, so it’s better to get involved in it now, as it continues to flourish every single day.

CompTIA certifications are specialized IT certifications that can provide you with an entry level knowledge to be able to work in the exciting IT world. Provided by the Computing Technology Industry Association, a lot of the certification exams offered by this association are computer based and allow users to choose between multiple choice answers.

The A+ certification, Network+ certification, Server+ certification, Security+ certification, and Linux+ certifications are some of the most coveted certifications within the IT field. Learning about each of these certifications will help give you a better idea of what type of certification you should attempt to obtain.


An A+ certification allows an individual to demonstrate basic knowledge about the IT industry. This is one of the first certifications that an individual will need to pass in order to be able to take the remaining types of certifications available.

The Network+ certification is a specific type of certification that is made for networking professionals. It tests if an individual has an understanding about network hardware, troubleshooting, and installation.\

The Server+ certification enables an individual to demonstrate their competency for specific server hardware and operating systems.

Security+ is a type of certification that focuses on network security.

A Linux+ certification is a specific type of open source operating system that has gained an immense amount of popularity in the IT world.

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