Coloring, Sketching and Painting: Free Android Apps for Budding Artists

Do you have hidden artistic talent? If you’re like most people, you probably do. Close your eyes and remember back to when you were a kid. You played with crayons and paper and poster paint, right? All kids are natural artists. Unfortunately, most young people give up on artistic endeavors as they grow up. Good thing there are plenty of free Android apps that can help you fan your creative spark. Here are a few of our favorites:

Drawing the line

SketchBook is a cool app that offers a full-screen drawing surface, colorful digital pencils and more than a dozen different paintbrushes. Create free-form drawings and paint them in with a veritable rainbow of colors. Even if you’re not quite Leonardo Da Vinci, you’ll still have a good time making art with SketchBook.

Sketch is an amusing app for Android that provides virtually limitless art possibilities for budding artists. With Sketch, you can save your pictures in a public file and check out other artist’s artworks, as well. The app also offers a variety of digital stickers with which to embellish your photos, advises Android Tipsz magazine.

Pro quality art app for free

Based on and compatible with the popular professional Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a free Android app that gives on-the-go artists a perfect way to save ideas and create full works of art on a smartphone. The app gives the user access to a range of royalty free Adobe art to manipulate, alter and improve. Adobe Photoshop Sketch boasts a slide rule tool and a French curve to help anyone draw straight lines, perfect circles, rectangles of various sizes, and three-sided triangles. There’s a fun stamping and stencil tool, too. With its remarkable range of brushes, pens, pencils, markers, stickers and colors, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is worth a whole lot more than its price of zero.

Kid-friendly art apps

Sketch Master is a delightful art app that is easy enough for kids to use while offering plenty of advanced art tools and full functionality to please their parents. Unlike some other Android app art programs, Sketch Master allows budding artists to blend colors and make unlimited layers. You can even change the order of layers, in effect creating a whole new work of art.

Where art and stress relief merge, something wonderful like Coloring Book For Me & Mandala is born. This cool, lightweight Android app gives creativity a boost with its lovely selection of concentric, geometric mandalas to color in. Of course, hippie-trippy mandalas aren’t the only thing you can color with this super fun and free Android app. Animal pics, floral illustrations, yummy food outlines and other entertaining color-inside-the-lines projects come with Coloring Book For Me & Mandala. Get the app for free at this link.

If you think you don’t have an artist inside, do think again. People just like you have learned to reignite their childhood creativity with a selection of savvy art apps for Android smartphones and other Android devices.

Jake Stone is a creative individual who works in a school with the kids doing art projects. Outside of work, he has his own creative projects; sculpting and painting.


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