Common Tools To Fulfill Web Designing Demands

Small business owners have almost similar demands for their web design. New requests are little that a client may want to make his website more functional and appealing to represent the main business objective.

Common Tools Requests From Small Businesses

Following are the common requests that come from website owners to web design firm with limited budget or specific clientele.

Photo Gallery To Display The Products

A website is meant to display products of the concerned business. You can allocate one page for each photo or you can go for a grid setup. jQuery overlay plug-in like Zoombox is excellent for displaying video, music, html or an image. Launch of the gallery is simple and needs an n anchor. It’s about buttons, text links, thumbnails; you can get a large variety of designs.

Content Slider – Gaining Popularity

This new feature is gaining more popularity with rising demand by website owners. You can make more content displayed at small space. Automatic Image Slider is the efficient version of jQuery plug-in. For good documentation and control system EasySliderplugin is the best option for your website.

Get Contacted With Customers Through Mailing List

Many clients want mailing list, surveys, contact forms. For this purpose Wufoo is the best option.

Music Player On A Website

Music player is demanded at any website have many options to be fulfilled. You can get help from JPlayer.

Content Management System

CMS or content management system is the most wanted thing at any website. Drupal, Joomla or Concrete5 are efficient in delivering best CMS for clients having big businesses. CushyCMS, LightCMS, PageLime and WordPress are also good to be used in web designing.

E- Commerce And Blogging

FoxyChart for e-commerce and WordPress for blogging are commonly used to fulfill the demand of clients.
Along with above mentioned tools, integrating social media with main business website is also common practice of web design companies.

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    Thanks for the great post. Textures do a lot to give a site depth. Nice collection.

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    Excellent post, agree that a photo gallery of the products someone is selling online is a great tool to showcase these products to potential buyers. The most informarion that can be provided, particularly visual information, could be the difference that makes a successful website.

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      Cool Article! I used your picture to help illustrate my blog on how graphic designers should learn more web design.

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    I think that I’m liking the grid setup the more I see sites designed that way, it just seems more practical. Thanks for the ideas