Methods to Connect Social Media to Your Web Design

Social Media has provided a platform to businesses and companies to expand their vision and focus on larger audiences. It not only provides business a stage to market their products but also, a chance to customers to provide them with feedback which can be observed by everyone.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, sharing on social media doesn’t mean that your website will lose its importance. In fact, it will enhance the viewership of your site with smartly placed links and act as a path to direct larger audiences towards the site via social media. WSI is also one of the web designing companies which can build up your social media sharing. Furthermore, with the following methods, you can connect social media to your web design and take advantage of its features.


Login through Social Media

Having a user name and password for different sites is too much of a hassle, This is why many websites allow users to login from their social media accounts, which enables the user to view any content they want, by following a simple procedure. This saves time and users participate more actively in discussions and activities when they get easy access to them.

Awareness Regarding the Social Media Sites and Icon

If you have a page on social media, you need to promote it on your website as well as among your potential users so that they can share the content and product details on their social media profiles. You can also add sharing icons on your website and products with the help of which, your visitors can share web content on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and many more social forums. These icons should also be visible and functional for everyone, whether they are using your website on their phone or computer.

Options like sharing and liking should be there to increase the likes and shares on your blogging content and products. Your header or footer should have a Follow tab, as in this way, interested customers will able to receive notifications whenever new content is added on the website. Moreover, statements like ‘Follow us on Facebook or Twitter’ will increase your views and following on these social media accounts.

Sharing Content

Your viewers should be able to pin, tweet, or like the content present on your website. If they are not able to perform any of the above-mentioned tasks, it will adversely affect the appreciation you get from your visitors. These important tabs should be close to images or content which will compel the viewers/readers to share it right away.

Adding Social Media Reviews on the Website

This plays an important role in boosting the conversion rates of your website. You can add these reviews in a separate customer review tab. This also encourages other customers to write a review for you which will work in your favor in the end. Although feedback can also be negative, but if the company is constructively working on improving the concerned matter, it makes them appear more professional.

Web designs without the option of social media interactions bound you to a limited audience and reduce the traffic on your website. Additionally, social media sharing, liking and commenting also give the business an idea regarding the needs of their customers and which products are more in demand.

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