Counting the Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks, also known in the tech industry as VPNs, serve a critical role to users across the globe. Internet access has become common in public coffee houses, on school campuses, and in corporate buildings everywhere. And, while this convenience is great, a bevy of dangers lurk for those utilizing the connection to access sensitive websites. In this context, popular VPN services like SunVPN have become a necessity. In this context, popular VPN services like SunVPN have become a necessity. An MPLS network allows wide scale VPN.

Further, the practice of blocking certain websites has become common in many regions of the world. From China to Oman, governments are determining which sites are acceptable for citizen viewing. Though the United States doesn’t have strict online censorship laws (yet), many public networks will block particular sites due to workplace regulations, and the like.

Virtual Private Networks are an essential tool for anyone who is frequently online. Anyone can buy a VPN account online, get it quickly setup on their computer and then connect to the VPN tunnel. By encrypting the access channel, which ultimately provides maximum privacy to the user, security concerns drop exponentially, and networks with censored websites are rendered ineffective.


The Importance of Online Security

Did you know that accessing your bank account via a public WiFi network can make your financial information open for anyone to see?

With new “snooping” utilities borne seemingly every day, it can be impossible to keep up with the evolution in cyber-crime. And, to further compound the issue, many of the methods used to capture sensitive information from your browsing sessions will go unnoticed, meaning that information “grabs” can occur while you unknowingly go about your business.

However, all of the snooping, hacking, or information grabbing in the world can’t access your information when it’s encrypted, which is why utilizing a VPN is such an important part of online security.

Avoiding Blocked Websites

Websites such as Skype, Facebook, and YouTube, as harmless as they seem to most, are some of the most blocked locations on the internet. Due to political concerns in some countries, international travelers may find themselves unable to get to some of their most visited sites. Domestic browsers may find themselves “blocked” due to regulations within the workplace or standards on a local school campus.

Much like protecting your information, the encryption of a VPN allows for free reign online, regardless of the online censorship that may be occurring on the network!

Virtual Private Networks have become an essential part of online protection. From avoiding censorship to preventing identity theft, VPN services can help you protect sensitive data, and ensure that your time spent online is done so anonymously.

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